Sunday 27 February 2011

Monthly Challenge and Playing Hooky

The end of the month seems to have come around very quickly, guess thats a February thing!
Anyway its reveal day for the Monthly Challenge. This month we stitched the Love design from The Stitcherhood. The album can be found here
I stitched mine using various thread scraps and finished it as a little ornament decorated with crochet flowers. 
I did NOT crochet the flowers myself, crochet being a skill I had never managed to master until yesterday, when I found an online tutorial that didn't seem to be written in some form of arcane gibberish, and

Ta Da!

OK, you can stop laughing now, all you seasoned hookers. I'm chuffed with this!
Adorable technicolour blankets here I come!

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway (see previous post), I'll be drawing a winner on Tuesday


Julie said...

Brilliant granny square, well done, it looks wonderful. I bet you were just like me dancing around shouting yes yes yes i did it!!!

Love the challenge piece, the crocher flowers are so delicate and lovely

Kate said...

Love your challenge piece Christine. I too am new to crochet and I thnk your square looks great.

Mylene said...

Great job on the crochet flowers, Christine. Lovely challenge piece.

jane said...

Great finishing on the challenge piece and your granny square is lovely, there will be no stopping you now!

Barb said...

Oh well done on becoming a 'granny'Christine! I mastered it only to find the action makes my wrists ache too much so I shall just have to admire all these lovely blankets that are happening out there sigh.
Love the challenge piece too , hope I find some time,and get it done as I enjoy the joining in ,shall have to go look in the dusty cupboard for some ,it just seems to slip through my hands

Ranae said...

Love the Love piece, and the crochet flowers really add to the touch
Super nice granny square, they are my fav

Sally said...

Your Love finish is gorgeous Christine. The little crocheted flowers are a nice touch.

Very nice granny square!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

You will soon be able to make crochet flowers. Try them BIG first.

Raven/Missy said...

Your love piece looks fantastic! The crochet pieces add just the right touch!

Your crochet square looks great too! You should be proud of yourself for continuing to try until you found a tutorial that made sense to you. Congratulations!

Heidi said...

Being a new 'hooker' myself...I am not laughing. It looks great and I know how good it feels to finish your first one. Beware! It is so addictive. I just went out for bread and came back with a bag full of I love feeling the yarn but am still not versed in what to use so I am winging it with what I like.

The love hanger is so pretty. Those small projects are so much fun. So why have I only got great big ones on the go??? :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Patty C. said...

Your challenge piece looks great !!!