Friday 11 February 2011

Fuzzy Felt, Even More Felt, and a Surprise

Do you remember Fuzzy Felt? I used to love playing with that when I was young.
Having seen some amazing felt creations while browsing around on-line I was prompted to ask my friend if her Cuttlebug machine could cut through felt, and, on finding that it did, without further ado I hurried round there with my gargantuan stack of felt. An enjoyable afternoon later I found myself with a whole new pile of fuzzy felt pieces, and this is what I did with them.
Its official. I now NEED a Cuttlebug!
If you want to see where I got my inspiration, and swoon over some much much nicer examples, check out Beedeebabee's blog.

Felt Friends from Japan: 86 Super-cute Toys and Accessories to Make YourselfEven more felty goodness with the arrival from Amazon, hot off the presses, of this wonderful book. Felt Friends from Japan: 86 Super-cute Toys and Accessories to Make Yourself
The little felt animals in here (and they are little, most would sit neatly in the palm of your hand) are so completely retro, and so utterly adorable I could almost squeal with delight. No, thats not quite true. I actually DID squeal with delight. The family think I've gone mad!
Isn't that Babycham style deer the most kitschy fabulous felty thing you've ever seen? I am definitely going to make me one of those.

Last, but not least, a fabulous surprise in the post today when Karan sent me a present of a gorgeous chart, Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers, and this gorgeous stitched card.
Thank you Karan,  I'm touched by your kindness.


Linda said...

Oh so many fabulous ideas. I love your paisley hearts. I feel the strong urge to covet the book. I really know I do not have places to put any new collections of supplies. But - - -

Barb said...

oh I like those Christine, wow those colours and felt too!!!
The little babycham bambi is just -want one!
I am coveting that Silver Creek design one I have liked for a while, hmmm perhaps, also like the new ones they have out . Oh us crafty stitchers will never be rich.
Take care sweetie.

Nancy said...

I love your felt hearts! They look like they were a lot of fun to make, and enjoy your new felt book. Don't you love Dandy Dreams? I was just looking at that pattern at an online shop! Beautiful stitched card!

Cath said...

Love your hearts . I used to have loads of fuzzy felts .
I've just finished Dandy Dreams , and it's so lovely to stitch . Enjoy . X

Mylene said...

oh what lovely lovely heart creations. Great job! A very nice surprise from Karan.

Julie said...

Fuzzy felt was a must for all girls. The little deer is adorable, there is something about felt that just screams touch me!

Nice surprise from Karan, she is so thoughtful and kind

DUSTY said...

Christine, your felt work looks great. Bothe the card and gift chart from Karan are lovely. Enjoy !!!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Christine~ Your hearts look just wonderful! So sweet that you mentioned me...thank you :)...That little deer is adorable. I hope you do give it a go...Surprises in the mail are just the best! Enjoy your day. :D Paulette

Brigitte said...

Your little felt hearts are so beautiful. It always amazes me what you can do with felt. Wonderful things.
Enjoy your gift from Karan.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those hearts are just great and what a wonderful gift from Karen!

Sally said...

Love those felt hearts. They are so sweet.

What a lovely gift from Karan. Those Silver Creek Sampler charts are lovely to stitch.

Nick said...

Those paisley hearts are awesome, I love the colors! That book looks cool as well, I really like the deer on the cover.

Heidi said...

I remember Fuzzy Felt! I had a couple of them when I was little living in England. One I had was a hospital and boy did I love playing with that. Maybe that is why I love playing with felt now as a I refuse to believe we really have to grow up in the end thus the semi. :-)

Love your hearts!

Hugs from Holland ~