Sunday 22 June 2008

Carnival Queens

Naomi's year as Fairy Queen is drawing to a close. Here is a picture of the "Royal Group" looking very proud of all the trophies they have won over the last year. Didn't they do well?

A special mention also to the table, for holding up under all that strain!

The second picture is of the incoming Senior Queen and one of her attendants.

Eagle eyed readers may have spotted that the young lady in question is Eloise. Yes I shall be "Queen Mother" for another year! Preparations are well under way, although I think the sewing machine may be threatening to go on strike ;)

Friday 13 June 2008

She's Back!!!

Sorry I've been absent from blogland but no, I hadn't fallen off the face of the planet, I've been marking exam scripts for the last month!
Anyway I've finished now, so hopefully I can get caught back up with blogging/sewing/gardening/life...........
And, hopefully, a slightly more interesting post than this one next time