Monday 20 September 2010

The teacup of destiny has spoken

And the winner is comment no. 3, which was made by Mylene. Mylene, if you can let me have your postal address I'll send you your prize.

The weather is enjoying one last glorious burst of summer here, look at this gorgeous sunflower, Naomi has been growing sunflowers in the space behind the greenhouse, and they are looking wonderful.
I've been growing huckleberries in the same area. This is a new crop for me and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them now I've got them. Any ideas? Clean ones only please ;D

On a nother note, (note, get it?) I got the new Robert Plant CD at the weekend and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Think the rest of the family might be getting a bit fed up with it by now as I've played it almost constantly...

Band of Joy

Sunday 12 September 2010

A touch of autumn and a small give-away

There's a touch of autumn in the air today.

Don't you just love these mossy old logs? No? You just want me to shut up and get to the giveaway? Well OK then.
In a Cath Kidstone-esque moment, I bought a couple of old plastic bangles in the local charity shop, covered them with gingham ribbon and decorated them with ric-rac braid, buttons and ribbon rosebuds. I thought they would look very shabby-chic.
Which they do.
To my chagrin however (great word that, chagrin, I should use it more often) I discovered on finishing them that they are far too big for me (I have tiny wrists and hands), and fall off of their own accord. Note to self: try them on first next time. Anyway, rather than throw them away I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them. I might even add a few other goodies in too. Just pop a comment on this post if you fancy them, and I'll put any names in the teacup of destiny next Sunday

Monday 6 September 2010

Upcycling (or TUTBOTS)

A couple of "Things (that) Used To Be Other Things"

First my new oven gloves (which used to be a couple of pairs of old jeans, I could have used just one pair had it not been for a bit of a cock-up on the cutting front, but I kind of like the colour change).
I got the basic idea for these from Alisa Burke's blog (which is full of brilliant ideas and inspiration). I tweaked her idea a little bit as the originals were individual mitts and I prefer a double oven glove.

Next a small corsage. Can you see what it used to be? Yep, its half a zip ~ with a tiny bit of ribbon and a few odd beads to jazz it up.
These are such fun to make. I bought a big handful of old zips from the charity shop and I've made a pile of them.

Now, what old junk can I chop up and re-purpose next...