Monday 16 November 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness November

Hi and welcome to November's Gifted Gorgeousness (if you don't know what GG is by now, visit Jo's blog for a full explanation, but, in a nutshell, on the 15th of the month we show our gift related crafting)

As usual November is a month when I've made lots of things but can't show any of them yet, but I do have a couple of exchanges to share. Firstly there was the Needlework Haven Hallowe'en Exchange. I showed the Fob I stitched for Mary in my last post, but here is the lovely double sided initial fob I received from Clare.

We also completed the postponed Needlework Haven Easter Exchange at Hallowe'en

Here is the ornament I made for Justine

And here is the very pretty one I received from Julie

 finally a small "make" I added a fur collar to this purchased denim jacket for Naomi