Saturday 24 January 2009

January challenge, frogs and bracelets

Its reveal day for the Jayne's Attic January Challenge. The challenge this time was our own choice of free designs from Papillon Creations. I chose "Moonlight Serenade", and stitched it on 28ct Misty Blue fabric using House of Embroidery threads in Verdon, and finished it as an octagonal pinkeep. The other finishes are shown in the album here. Once again, some lovely stitching by everyone involved.

The frogs in the title of this post are not the stitching variety, but the amphibious kind, who have noticed that the weather has warmed up, and become very twitterpated (If you don't know that word, you haven't seen "Bambi"), as evidenced by the fact that, for reasons known only to themselves, they have decided to build a small spawn-replica of The Eden Project in the garden pond. Compare and contrast the following:-

And finally to the bracelets. I just finished making these "Bella's Bracelets" for the girls (I had to use tibetan silver wolves as I couldn't find any wooden ones), they will be the envy of every other teenage vampire groupie in Cornwall ;D

Sunday 11 January 2009

Crabby Update

I've decided to go with a stitching rotation of sorts this year as it seems to work quite well for some of you. Weekdays I plan to mainly work on my own designs, plus any small pieces for gifts and exchanges, Saturday will be for SALs, the Monthly Challenge, and similar projects, and Sundays will be for UFOs, and any larger designs I want to stitch (first up The Croakworth Sampler). Lets see how long this lasts, to be honest I'd be surprised if I've got the willpower to take it past February, but we'll see.
Anyway, yesterday being SAL Saturday (note the cunning aliteration there), I made a start on the Crabby all Year stitch along. This is how far I got:-

Not much progress for a days stitching is it? I blame James Martin. I sat down for two minutes in front of Saturday Kitchen and lost half a morning...

...but I did get a great recipe for salmon.

Monday 5 January 2009

Crabby New Year

Or at least it will be soon. I'm taking part in a SAL of Raise the Roof's "Crabby All Year", as organised by Daffycat.

I haven't actually put needle to fabric yet as I'm waiting for supplies to arrive, but I've recharted the heading to read "Grumpy" instead of "Crabby", crabby not being a word we use round here unless we are descibing crustaceans, so this is a progress report of sorts ;)

I got some great stash for Christmas, but foolishly forgot to photograph it before squirelling it all away! Anyway my haul included a Hardanger chart, fabric and DMC linen threads in antique mauve, pink and blue shades from Clare, the Ink Circles Croakworth Sampler, a Whimsy and Wit Quaker chart, DMC scented threads and beads from Polly, and a scissor keeper, needle minder and Soie Cristalle silk threads from Karen, so as you can see I was pretty spoiled.
Now as this post is shamefully devoid of any other photos, I'll leave you with a picture of one of the New Years Honours List's new CBEs
OK, so when did Robert become "establishment"?
Supplemental question (for absolutely no bonus points). When did I get old??
Off now to add an appropriate playlist to my side bar...