Thursday 31 December 2015

Christmas Thanks and A Happy New Year

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year

Before we finish with 2015 though, I'd like to share some of the wonderful Christmas presents I received from on line friends

From the top left, a beautiful turned wood scissor block, assortment of Carrie's threads and a decorative tape measure in the shape of an ice cream cone from Nancy (no blog), an adorable penguin shaped handwarmer from Barb, two skeins of dragon floss and a gorgoeus little trillium shaped pouch made from kimono fabric from Karan, some delicious penguin chocolates from Julie and some fun Christmas socks, a thimble and a little chocolate yummy from Clare
Thank you all so much, I'm feeling very spoiled.
And if all that wasn't enough, I also won these two adorable little decorative elephants in the East on line Advent Calendar

Christmas was not, of course, without its customary geekiness, as, among other things, the girls presented me with these awesome goodies

My very own Davros, an Azog the Defiler coaster (because who doesn't want to put her tea down on the Pale Orc), and a wonderful cosy fleece Star Trek scarf (Science Officer blue of course).
I'll share some of the things I made for other people in a later post.

Friday 25 December 2015

Saturday 19 December 2015

Exchange and Birthday Gifts

The Needlecraft Haven ornament exchange partners have now been revealed. I showed this beauty before when I received it, and I can now tell you that the exquisite beadwork was done by Lindsay. Thank you Lindsay I love it.

And here is my ornament which went to Angi (I don't think Angi has a blog). The holly design is from the same French magazine as the Holly Girl ornament in this post

I also wanted to share all the lovely stitchy related goodies I got for my birthday from on-line friends

Clockwise from top right: A lovely Tournicton sampler chart from Karan, two fat quarters of gorgeous penguin fabric from Julie, Some super nautical themed linen type fabric and a decorative tin of pins with an ingenious click-close lid from Barb, a beautiful stitched pillow ornament from Sally and a skein of Caron thread and a pretty beaded stitch marker from Clare. Thank you all ladies, I love them all

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness - December

It is the day to show our "Gifted Gorgeousness" as hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching



This will be a Christmas present for a friend

Friday 11 December 2015

How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away

Number One. The Larch   The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree. The Christmas tree.

David knocked this up for me from an old pallet we had in the garden (doesn't everyone have random old pallets lying around? No? Just us then?). 
Its just a 2:1 ratio triangle cut around the central strut thingy - I'm sure the central strut thingy has a proper name but I've no idea what - and then I stencilled a few simple snowflakes onto it. Ta Da! Almost instant Pinterest level Christmas loveliness. 

Wednesday 9 December 2015

What's This? What's This?

I made a little wreath

There are children throwing snowballs
Instead of throwing heads

Jack Skellington bauble made by drawing with sharpie on a plain white bauble and adding a felt collar, otherwise normal decorations and florists supplies.

Sunday 6 December 2015

On-line Advent Calendar Day 6 and An Exchange Received

Welcome to day 6 of the On-line Advent Calendar as brought to us by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.
This year Jo has asked us to talk about Christmas Eve traditions in our families and/or corners of the globe.
We aren't the kind of family who tend to always do the same things on the same days, and now that the girls are grown we don't leave out a mince pie and a glass of whisky for Father Christmas, she just goes into the kitchen and fetches her own whisky thank you very much.
We do pretty much always have a baked ham for tea on Christmas Eve, and sometimes we'll play a board game or cards as a family. Monopoly used to be a particular favourite and, of course, it will come as no surprise to regular readers that I have Star Trek TNG Monopoly, (and if Mum doesn't get to play with the little model Jean-Luc as her token there will be words had), but again, the girls being grown, it's as likely to be Poker or Cards Against Humanity these days.
Anyway without any real family traditions to share I am substituting a traditional Cornish Christmas Carol ~ The Sans Day Carol ~ St Day is a village near Redruth if you're wondering where the name comes from
Now to the piece of Christmas Stitching we are supposed to show. Ahem. Not got any. (Blush)
I was going to show the ornament I sent out for the Needlecraft Haven Ornament Exchange, but it's a secret exchange and since, unfortunately. a couple of them are held up in transit so we haven't had the reveal yet so I can't post that picture. I can post a picture of the one I received though, so we will have something pretty for those of you who have stuck with this long and rambling post.
Here it is.

It is so much more sparkly and beautiful in real life you can't begin to imagine. Thank you partner, I adore it.