Friday 18 February 2011

Socks and Sheep

Strange combination?
There was a Valentines sock exchange on the Needlecraft Haven board. Good plan. Socks are not only lower in calories than chocolate, but they come in a wide range of attractive colours. I recieved my exchange package from Sheila, and not only did I get this most gorgeous pair of hand-knitted socks but also my very own knitted neuron!
Squee! Look at him! Look at his little dendrites! I shall love him and hug him and call him George Neville. (I'm a sucker for alliteration)

And the sheep?  Well sheep are to Barb as penguins are to me, so as it was Barb's birthday earlier this week I stitched this sheep design from Casey Buonaugurio, and made it into a pincushion for her.

I finished the Monthly Challenge too, but I can't show a picture of that until next weekend


Linda said...

Socks and sheep go together if the socks are wool. :-D

Nancy said...

I love your exchange package, and how fun to have a sock exchange! The sheep you stitched is very sweet. I just saw this very same design on another blog!

Barb said...

Nice socks!However I LOVE my sheepie, and she is sitting here beside me . Thanks Christine.
btw can you tell me where you got the felt in all those spiffing colours as I can only seem to get 'ordinary ' ones.

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Great combination - socks and sheep.

Julie said...

Barbs sheepie pincushion is beautiful as are the socks that Sheila made for you, i bet your feet are nice and toast warm in them

Sally said...

Love the sheep pincushion, so cute! Lovely exchange too.

Not even started my challenge yet,*hangs head in shame*

Heidi said...

I saw your sheep pillow you made for Barb on her blog. That is just tooooo cute!

A sock exchange for Valentine's still has me laughing. Cannot argue the calorie viewpoint. Love your socks. Aren't handmade socks just the best? Okay, I must live in a cave but what is a neuron exactly? Sorry Neville, I did not mean to hurt your

Hugs from Holland ~

Mylene said...

What lovely exchange gifts received. That sheep pincushion for Barb is so cute and perfectly finished.