Wednesday 30 September 2009

Phew, that was close...

...just managed to finish my September Ornament for the Stitch and Stash SAL in time this month. This one is by The Sunflower Seed, from the 2008 JCS Ornament edition.
I changed the colours round a bit. The original had gold metallic splashes coming from the sea, which didn't seem right to me, so I did mine in silver, and once I'd done that the red didn't really work for the border so I switched it for the blue green.
I did the star one from the same series a few months back (here) so I finished this one the same way, and even though they are totally different colours, I think they go quite well together.
Ah well, off to find one to do for October now (or more than one, I really need to catch up on this)

Thursday 24 September 2009

Look who has come to stay...

If you read Julie's blog, you will know that Julie often knits bunnies, and generously sends them as gifts to people. Well, a while ago Julie made a present of a boy bunny named Seymour to Barb (no blog), and more recently, on hearing that Seymour lacked female company, provided him with a bride of the more matronly persuasion, arguing that he wasn't ready for a young and trendy companion. Anyway, I joked with Julie about what a young and trendy knitted bunny might look like, and as of today I have found out.
Meet Miss Blossom Bunny, who is as young and trendy as they come, and, dare I say it, even a teensy bit emo.
Check out her earring and necklace, and her little shoulder bag (because every hip young bunny needs somewhere to keep those essentials like lippy, mobile & mp3). Her short skirt over black leggings look is very up-to-the-minute don't you think.
As you can see she has already discovered the disco ball (left over from Naomi's float when she was Fairy Queen) and is demanding that we throw a party ;D
Thank you Julie, she's "kewl".

Sunday 13 September 2009

Eventful Day!!!

So, today was the Village Football Club's annual "Funday Sunday", which comprises craft stalls, demonstrations, games, bbq, beer tent, entertainment and demonstrations in the village playing fields. Anyway we borrowed our neighbours' gazebo and went down and set up a stall with David's photos and my jewellery, including this new range of Pride and Prejudice jewellery

It was a beautiful day, as you can see from this general scene, taken from the front of our stall and looking across the field:-

Around 1pm we had a flyover from a Royal navy Sea King helicopter, here you see it coming in over the church:-
and here it is hovering overhead:- and about 15 seconds after I took this picture the downdraft caught our (borowed) gazebo, lifted it up, poles and all, ripped it clean off the guy ropes (which remained in the ground throughout) and carried it about 20 yards up the field, to the Slate Quarry truck and fire engine you can see in the first picture; assorted postcards, photos and earrings flying everywhere; before David and I, the entire football team and half the fire crew managed to catch up with it and wrestle the thing to the ground!!!

Poor gazebo is quite wrecked. Fortunately, we managed to pick everything else up and our neighbours are very nice people and were quite understanding about it. So that was my Sunday. How was yours?

Tuesday 1 September 2009

A day out

Today was the last day of the Summer holidays (for me anyway, David and the girls don't go back until next week), so we had a day out and visited Prideaux Place near Padstow. I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves, they show the view across the deer park towards Rock, (the deer were there when we arrived, but had run off before I took the picture), the house and the formal garden. Enjoy!