Sunday 31 January 2010

Birds, and killing two with one stone...

Yesterday I took part in the RSPB's Birdwatch. My tally of birds included pied wagtails, a song thrush,bluetits,robins, and blackbirds. There were some starlings too, but they're horrible noisy greedy things so I'm not letting them on my blog! We sometimes get chaffinches, goldfinches and wrens too, but not yesterday.

As for killing two birds with one stone, don't panic my feathered friends are safe (even t
he starlings!). Its reveal da
y for the
Stitch and Stash Monthly
Challenge, for which I stitched these two birds - design adapted
from "Red Birds for Peace" by Blue Ribbon Designs - and I'm calling it my January
Ornament SAL as well.

And finally:

Its a hard life being a cat...

Sunday 17 January 2010

If the snow has gone it must be spring.... least the sun is shining, I can see the starts of daffodils poking through, and the frogs have started spawning. The pond only thawed out on Friday and there is a big mound of spawn in the middle of it already. Randy little buggers!

A couple of weeks back Polly posted a picture on her blog of some scarves she'd knitted using Rico's Pompon yarn, and it inspired me to grab the ball I'd bought out of curiosity and try knitting a scarf from it.
It was such fun to knit, and the resulting scarf was so soft and cosy, that I promptly went out and bought another ball in a different colour, and I am LOVING this new one. I can see me knitting a few of these as the girls have their eyes on them too.
Speaking of the girls we bought the fabric for Eloise's prom dress yesterday. How old does that make me feel? Eloise has her prom this year! Anyway its a kind of peacock blue colour ~ think Anchor 170, and we are planning to overlay the skirt with black chiffon and trim it with jet Swarowskis. Watch this space as they say.

Tuesday 5 January 2010


Yes, we have snow, and here are the pictures to prove it:-
I thought this snow covered seedhead was quite picturesque

Saturday 2 January 2010

First Finish of 2010

I finished this little New Year Ornament for Naomi today.

I found the design here . I adapted it slightly as the original design was for a biscornu and I wanted to make a hanging ornament to go with the one I made her last year, so I took design elements from the front and back of the biscornu and combined them to make this rectangular design.

It also gave me an excuse to take a photo of my roses ;)

The second photo was taken at the beach on New Years Day. It was jolly cold I can tell you!