Saturday 28 February 2009

Monday 23 February 2009

Flowers, Blogoversary Fun, and a February Challenge

Here is my "reveal" for the February Challenge at Stitch and Stash The challenge this month was to stitch a design from Elisa's Passions on this link. I liked the DoDo design, but didn't think an extinct thing struck quite the right Valentine's chord for a February challenge, so I chose this little heart design, which I stitched over 1, using Carries Creation's Hearts on Fire.

I finished it as a little brooch. Wish I'd put something in the picture to give an idea of scale.

The other finishes for the month can be found in the album here

And here is a picture of an amyrillis, just because its one of the lovliest ones I've ever grown. I actually bought two at the same time, if you look at the picture you will see that the 2nd one hasn't budged at all. I suspect it is mocking me.
And it is my 2nd Blogoversary! Go Blog! Its your birthday!
I've decided to celebrate by giving away little giftie. If you want to recieve a little something stitched by me just leave a comment on this post before next Sunday, and I'll draw a name on Monday.

Thursday 19 February 2009

Back home...

Got back from the Trade Show yesterday. This was my stand :-and here, as promised, are pictures of the new designs :-
Little Empress (a thimble nanny), made origami-style from a folded square of stitched fabric (fan charm is included with chart) and Twilight Rose, which is shown here worked in two different colour schemes, but which could be done in almost any colour combination you cared to think of as it only uses three shades of thread

Friday 13 February 2009

Sneak preview

Of a new release. This is just a little bit of "Twilight Rose" (If you read my Yahoo group as well, the picture on there is a different part of the same design, worked in a different colour scheme)
Off to the trade show tommorrow, will update when I get back next week.

Saturday 7 February 2009

A little finish

Naomi is obsessed with things Japanese, and has just had her bedroom redecorated in a Japanese style (or at least, what I imagine to be a Japanese style), so when I saw this design I had to stitch it for her. I sincerely hope the writing says "Happy New Year" or "Year of the Ox" or words to that effect, rather than "You Stink" or "Bum"...

Tuesday 3 February 2009


Yes, we have snow. Here you see the view down to the village, Eloise, Naomi and friends making the most of the weather, and the snow on my palm trees!
Notice how it even makes the repulsive pampas grass look pretty (Oh how I long to dig that up, but some people like it!)

The girls' school was closed, which was both good, because they got to play in the snow, and bad, because Eloise was supposed to have gone on a school trip to London for four days this morning and it was cancelled. Still waiting to see what happens about that as they said this morning that they might try and go tomorrow, but they've not been back in touch. Mind you, they didn't get in touch to say the'd cancelled it either, I had to ring them to find out...