Sunday 29 April 2007

Too funny!

So, Eloise unwrapped her presents, and the pillow came out of the package upside down. She sat staring at it for a minute and then said "What does it say? I can't read it"
So I turned it the right way up and she went "Oh". LOL! I think she felt pretty silly ;) The good news is she really likes it now she can read it.

Friday 27 April 2007

My Baby is growing up!

Yes, my elder daughter will be a teenager on Sunday. Oh dear, now I feel old! Anyway I have made this for her, I hope she likes it.

The design is adapted from another delightful complimentary design on Catherine's blog :-

The original design read "Love", so it was an easy matter to come up with an I and an S and change it around to read Eloise. Might be a bit harder if Naomi decides she wants one ;)

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Spring has Sprung..... here is Spring finish to celebrate. I finished this little pillow this afternoon.
The design is a complimentary one from Catherine's blog - - and I just couldn't resist Monsieur Lapin. Isn't he gorgeous? I changed the colours a little to match the piece of fabric.
The message reads "Il faut cultiver son jardin", which, I think, translates as something like "it is necessary to work at one's garden", though my French leaves a lot to be desired.

Sunday 8 April 2007

Happy Easter!

It is a glorious day here, some of the girls' chocolate eggs actually started to melt in the garden while they were doing their egg hunt! The plan for today is gardening (I got a tray of petunia plug plants last week that need putting into pots and baskets), a trip to the beach, and maybe some stitching later.
Happy Easter!
PS what do you think of my Bunny Bucket? I bought him from the florist in the village, and declined a bag, thinking I could carry him home by his handle, and NOT thinking what an absolute idiot I'd look walking up the road carrying a Bunny Bucket at my age! Shan't be doing that again any time soon ;)