Tuesday 28 June 2011

Another month, another challenge!

This month the challenge piece we chose at Needlecraft Haven was this one from Lynn at Happiness is Cross Stitching. The album is here. Only a couple of finishes so far this month, I think everyone has been too busy with holidays and summer activities.
I finished mine as an little ornament (I know, how boring am I?) to hang in my kitchen, and I couldn't resist turning my teapot and cup into blue and white Cornish Ware. Its backed with a blue and white striped fabric (natch), and I made a little hanger from some artfully rusted (ie acidentally left in the garden) wire and blue and white beads.

On the crafty front, I've been playing with my Cuttlebug and I've made some little vintage-inspired heart ornaments.
I'll leave you with a picture of Bill the foster-cat. Here we see him failing to grasp the concept of the cat flap...

Saturday 11 June 2011

Flowers and more flowers

The 2nd issue of the fabulous Mollie Makes magazine popped through my letterbox last week. I couldn't wait, and made up the cover kit, a gorgeous turquoise felt corsage, immediately.

It was so much fun that I rifled through my felt stash and made another in neutral colours, which I stitched  to a second hand straw handag I got from Ebay, together with a Paris themed patch of Japanese linen fabric. I added some vintage lace and buttons and an Eiffel tower charm too. My felt was a bit softer than the felt supplied in the kit, I think it gives this one a more sculptural quality. I'm quite pleased with how it came out, I'm thinking of making some more and selling them at the craft fairs.

The other flowers in this post are the real kind. June is the best month of the year in my garden.
How would you like to share a little early morning stroll "around the grounds" ?

This is Albertine, my favourite rambling rose doing exactly what it says on the tin, and ramblig all over the pergola.

The bell flowers have gone berserk and taken over the seaside garden.
The alpine strawberries are delicious. They never seem to actually make it to the table though ~ in fact I don't think the rest of the family even know there are strawberries there ;D

The tadpoles have turned into froglets and are sunning themselves by the pond. You have to be careful where you walk.
This is Dr Ruppel. He 's rather a handsome chap don't you think?
My Apothecary's Rose. I wish I could upload the scent for you, it's gorgeous.
I even get a better class of weeds in June!
Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour!

Monday 6 June 2011


Things have been even more manic than usual of late here at the Casa Di Chaos, and poor little Blog has fallen by the wayside a bit.
We currently have my MIL living here on a temporary but indefinite basis while she is between houses, and have acquired a 2nd cat, as she can't take hers with her to her new place. This has rather put Spike's nose out of joint, though he is getting quite a bit of extra food out of it, as the phrase "Leave that, it's Billy's" apparently means nothing to him ;D
There has been a bit of a slump on the stitching front, but I do have a finish to show. this is my version of May's Monthly Challenge, the design this month was Cadeau pour les Amis Brodeuses from Sablaise and the album is here.
I did mine in cream and beige silk threads on vintage country mocha linen, and finished it as a pinkeep, with some mother of pearl thread rings and a scissor pocket on the back, and made a little matching scissor fob. This will be my gift for an upcoming exchange, but I'm pretty sure I'm safe showing it here.

We've been having a very pleasant burst of early Summer here. The beach was very crowded at the weekend.

But if you walk far enough you can still find a peaceful spot.