Tuesday 15 September 2015

September's Gifted Gorgeousness

It's Gifted Gorgeousness Day SAL, the day when we show something we have recieved, made as or made from a gift. As explained much better on Jo's Blog. Here is my September offerering.
A little Happy Sushi purse, all ready for Naomi to take off to Uni.
And a crochet blanket... NOT all ready to take off to Uni
Oh well, maybe it'll be finished by Christmas.

Just for fun I thought I'd share September's page from my kitchen calendar. It features vintage advertising images, and while some of them are lovely, others have not stood the test of time as well and are frankly quite bizarre. Like this one, which clearly illustrates a psychopathic older sister, force feeding her little brother a delicious bowl of Cornflakes and Strychnine.