Wednesday 29 July 2009

An Exchange and a Funky new haircut

Look at this! Isn't it lovely? I recieved it in an exchange from Robbin (no blog). I love this box and look how well the scissor fob matches my favourite Premax scissors! Sorry about the reflections- glass table!

And a funky new haircut? No, not me, here is Naomi, with her new "Alice Cullen" inspired hairdo. Wow! Look who grew up

Sunday 19 July 2009


Well, it was misty and damp but it was still great fun. Naomi entered as a Geisha Girl. Eagle eyed viewers will spot Ian McNiece (alias Bert the Plumber from Doc Martin, who crowned the Royalty, and presented prizes) in the background of the shot.

(Smart Mum, coming up with a costume that included an umbrella LOL)

And here she is recieving first prize for "Walkers under 16" from the Fairy Queen

Monday 13 July 2009

Just a common-or-garden post

Truth be told, I'm in a bit of a stitchy slump at the moment, so I've no stitching to show. I did spend all day yesterday making Naomi's costume for Carnival, but more of that next week.

Anyway, Hazel asked for a better view of the "seaside garden", so I thought I'd give you a bit of a virtual tour.
If you imagine the plot our house is on as a rough square, with the point towards you, and the house crosswise towards the middle, you can visualise that as well as a front and a back garden we have two "side" gardens, which are more or less triangular. The one to the left of the house
has the greenhouse and utility area, the "seaside garden" and decking, and the veg patch.

Moving around, here are a couple of pics of the back garden

The back garden and one edge of the right hand side one are against the field and are bordered by this traditional cornish wall. In more romantic moments I think of this as my "wild garden", or "A rather prettyish kind of a wilderness" as in Pride and Prejudice, but more realistically its just the area we haven't done much with yet.
No pictures of the last segment as it is just a bit of rough lawn/games area for the girls. Sometimes we stretch a net over it, so I could be pretentious and call it the badminton court, but that would be a total lie ;D.

Sunday 5 July 2009

Its Carnival Time!

Yes, Carnival season is here again, and last night was St Breward. Last year at St Breward it rained torrentially, this year was much nicer, and we were able to take the roof off the car

The girls took two second prizes, which was nice as it will be their last carnival as Royalty, Eloise officially "retires" as Queen in a fortnight when the 2009/10 Queen takes over. (Sorry this pic is a bit dark)

I'm looking forward to a year off from being "Queen Mother" though we will no doubt do something else for this year's Carnival.
And so she doesn't feel left out, here is Naomi last night (looking every inch the Scary Emo Kid) Finally I've been having a little play with some driftwood and shells. Naomi calls them "Mermaid's Gardens"