Thursday 22 November 2007

I've been busy

Eloise (DD1) is away on her "Geek Week" (oops, I mean "Residential Maths Course"), and the place is quiet due to Naomi (DD2) having no-one to fight with, so I've needed to spend less time as a mediator/peacekeeper the last few days (honestly, I think these two girls need their own UN force sometimes), which means more stitching time. Yay!

I have been making these shabby chic style felt tree ornaments to sell at the school Christmas Bazaar. I hope people buy them because, as usual, I've got a bit carried away and made rather a lot of them!

Sunday 11 November 2007

Not much to show at the moment

Most of what I've stitched recently is for exchanges or presents, so I can't post pictures yet, but here is a picture of the children at Camelford Carnival last weekend (they won three first places). Next outing is with the town band when they go round the village playing Christmas Carols.