Wednesday 20 August 2014

Showtime and Sharp Objects

I thought you might like to see some photos from the village horticultural show last Saturday. No, I didn't grow any of these fabulous veggies, but I am show secretary so that must count for something right?

As for the sharp objects, I treated myself to the beginners paper cutting kit from the lovely Paper Panda. Oh dear, I needed a new obsession hobby like I needed a hole in the head. Looks like I found one anyway.
I made these two cuts using templates from the starter kit. I even ended up with the same number of fingers as I started out with.

Yes that is a tea ring on the birdy one. The only reason the culprit is still breathing is because I don't actually know which one of them it was...
Anyway, all inspired by doing those I made one of my own.

Words by Page and Plant, cutting by Christine.
The tiny butterflies are a conscious design choice and by no means intended to disguise small mistakes in the cutting.
Off now to cut up some more stuff.