Monday 16 July 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness July - AKA World Cup Knitting #2

Just the one thing to show for July's Gifted Gorgeousness (for an explanation of what the GG is all about see Jo's blog here)
It's another piece of my "I don't need to look at this while I'm knitting it" World Cup Knitting
This rainbow scarf/shawl is a gift for Naomi.

The pattern is from the book Curls by Hunter Hammersen. All the patterns in the book take on this fabulous curled shape, although some are much curlier than others - this was the first (simplest) of the patterns in the book but I shall definitely be trying some of the others
The wool is a hand dyed DK from Mothy and the Squid, and is rather wonderfully called "Industrial Accident"
World Cup Knitting #3 was begun, but not completed, so I suppose it is now just summer knitting.

Sunday 1 July 2018

World Cup Knitting #1

I needed a knitting project to do while the World Cup was on; something relatively simple that I could work on without really having to concentrate on it; and this shawl pattern (Curlew by Claire Slade) seemed to fit the bill.

I changed the way the central increases were worked because I found it easier to keep track of this way (remember I needed it to be as mindless as possible), and extended the pattern and just kept going until I'd used the wool. It is knitted using a single ball of James C Brett "Northern Lights".
The fact that it is now finished shows, I think, precisely how much time I have spent watching the football over the last 3 weeks.
World Cup knitting #2 is already progressing nicely.