Wednesday 20 February 2008

New Designs!

Here are the full photos of my new designs that I teased you with a couple of weeks ago:-
They are, from the top, French Brocade, Knot Garden, Mariner's compass and Waterlily Welcome.

Thursday 7 February 2008

How DD2 went to school this morning.................. was "come as a character from the past" day at school, so this is Blackheart Naomi the fearsome pirate! I think this pirate owes a little more to Johnny Depp than to actual history though, if you look closely you can see the eyeliner and black nail varnish!
The worrying thing is that she would totally go out like that on a normal day if I gave her half a chance ;D
Much hilarity at school yesterday, when the reception class were out in the science garden looking at the frogspawn, and one little moppet asked the teacher why that frog was giving the other frog a piggyback!
This morning's other drama was Spike (bless him) depositing an extreme dead bird under the kitchen table. Ugh! Write out one hundred times:
I love my cat
I love my cat
I love my cat..............

Saturday 2 February 2008

And yet another peek................

Another Happy Dance, another finish and another sneaky peek at a forthcoming release.
All the new designs will be available from 20th February