Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Easter, an exchange and a challenge

It is reveal day for the Monthly Challenge. This month we used a set of small Easter designs from Les Chroniques de Frimousse.  I combined two of the designs to make this ornament. The funky stripey ribbon was from a toiletry gift one of the girls got for Christmas! The album of finishes is here.
It is also reveal day for the Spring bookmark exchange on Needlecraft Haven. I recieved this stunning hardanger bookmark from Dusty. I can't show a picture of the one I sent out yet as I've not heard that it has been recieved. I'm getting a bit worried about it to be honest as it should've been there by now.
Anyway Happy Easter to you all!

Monday 18 April 2011

I must down to the seas again

to the lonely sea and the sky

Tuesday 5 April 2011


This is the cake Naomi made me for Mother's Day. Diet? What diet?
Of course she also managed to dye my chopping board pink and blue, but you can't have everything.
The girls got me some Lush shower gel (Happy Hippy, do you think they are trying to tell me something?) wrapped in a scarf made from recycled Lush bottles too.
No stitchy updates this week, everything I'm working on is secret for now for one reason or another.
I have managed to crochet six whole squares for my blanket, but I'm not sure thats enough for a progress photo.
DH is in disgrace. He needed a needle or pin to unblock a jet on the boiler when I was at work and "Couldn't find any others"
Not, for example, in the large stuffed pincushion or magnetic hedgehog needle minder on my desk either side of the scissor frog.
No, he took the needle from my W.I.P.
He didn't just unthread it either. He got a pair of scissors from the scissor frog (do we remember where that was?) and snipped the thread off to get the needle!