Friday 26 September 2014

Catching up with Challenges

Hot on the heels of the June Monthly challenge I have now finished July's. This is Cardinal Heart from Kissy Cross (chart here), although I tweaked mine to make it a Robin Heart.
A bit of an experimental finish, I cut it out about 1/4" away from the stitching, glued it down onto the fabric tag, leaving the edges free, did a quick running stitch around the outside, and frayed it back a bit to the glue/running stitch.
The "tag" is a furnishing fabric swatch from that well known British store where we all buy our underwear. It's "Bowen Chenille" in red if you're interested.
I'm just wondering if it needs a little ribbon bow under the heart. What do you think?

I've been having another bit of a play with paper cutting as well. This one is from a purchased template (from Stacey Sansom - here). It didn't quite fit the frame I had so I've had to improvise a bit but I quite like it.


Unknown said...

Beautiful stitching, I like how you adapted the chart to turn it into a Robin. Pretty picture too.

cucki said...

beautiful stitching xx

Kissy said...

So cute! So little changes and it shows another bird. Very well done!
Yes, I think a bow unter the heart would be nice!

Carol said...

Very cute idea, Christine, and I love the idea of putting a little ribbon under the heart. Your paper cutting is amazing!

Julie said...

The paper cutting is wonderful.

Super challenge finished, the little box looks fabulous and a great idea to use the fabric swatch, will have to look out for those when I'm next in that store.

Linda said...

The tag is extremely nice.
I also vote for the little ribbon bow. Paper cutting is nice but I think I will pass on that, leaving it all to you.

Hazel said...

Christine your challenges are always stunning. I need to get my finger out and get them stitched. Hopefully I'll have some time during half term whenever it gets here - it's dragging on this term. Love your paper cutting too. x

Sally said...

Very pretty finish Christine. Love your paper cutting.