Thursday 18 September 2014

A Late Challenge and A Pebble

So, I finally finished my June Challenge for the Needlecraft Haven Monthly Ornament Challenge (yes, I do know it's September).

The chart is from Luli, and can be found here. I moved the text across a bit on mine to make the design a little more circular so it would fit in the lid of this gold satin box (part of my Advent Exchange parcel from Becs last year). Fabric is Sparklies "Autumn Glow", which matches the satin beautifully, threads are just what I had lying around.
For a long time I've been admiring all the lovely crochet covered pebbles I've been seeing around the interwebs. Sadly crochet is something I've never quite been able to grasp, I can do a granny square, or simple things like the notorious Mollie Makes apple cosy (here), but I know my limitations and lacy stuff is beyond me, so here is my take on the crochet pebble cover.
A tiny vintage doily stretched and stitched around a varnished pebble. I'm really pleased with how it came out, and may have to make some more.

Here it is in its new home in my collection of beachy treasures, or as David calls it when he walks into it, or knocks something over and breaks one of the glass tanks the sea glass is in (which happens with depressingly monotonous regularity), my pile of old junk.


Rhona said...

Thanks for the link to the chart. Your little box is perfect!

cucki said...

Yup the box is so cute xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice finish for the freebie. The fabric is the perfect colour.

A display like your beach things just would not last in our house! I tend more towards Still Life Featuring Old School Notes on the Table.

Linda said...

Nice box
Old junk??!!
It is nice stuff.

DUSTY said...

Oh I love your little box and the crochet covered rock looks great with your treasures. I haven't seen any covered rockes on this side of the pond as of yet but I am sure it will make it here also.

Sally said...

Love your sweet box finish Christine. So pretty.

Your covered pebble is beautiful.