Wednesday 5 December 2012

Exchanges and Vintage Christmas Lovelies

I have quite a collection of vintage Christmas baubles and I'm always looking for new ways to display them, so I was delighted to find this lovely birdcage mirror (not actually vintage itself, but it has that look) to showcase some of my favourites. I do have plenty more so expect to be bored by further pictures when I get the rest of the decorations up.
As always, my living room wall looks battleship grey in the photo, but it is in fact a soft sage green.
This week I received this beautifully stitched ornament  from Kate in the exchange at Needlecraft Haven. Thank you Kate, I love it.
And here is the one I sent to Angi
And here are the first four days worth of gifts in my Advent Exchange parcel (also organised through Needlecraft Haven), a delicious Cadbury's chocolate advent calendar, a handbag mirror in the shape of a beautiful pink rose, a useful mini notepad with a lovely peacock design, and two skeins of Anchor thread.
I'll be back tomorrow as I'm the next up in Jo's online Advent calendar.


Barb said...

Christine the exchange gifts are lovely . Specially like the design on yours sent to Angi.

Heidi Kuijer said...

The exchange gifts are both beautiful.

I love the birdcage for your vintage ornaments. Are they old family heirlooms or have you been searching for them yourself?

Hugs from Holland ~

cucki said...

the exchange gifts are so lovely..
i love the bird cage so sweetttt
love for you x

Julie said...

It's been a fantastic exchange agin ths year, you and Angie stitched two beauties.
Lovely gifts so far in your advent parcel.

Kate said...

Love the display of vintage baubles, reminds me of those we had at home when I was a child. So pleased that you like the ornament, love the one you stitched for Angi. Thanks for organising the exchange.

Sally said...

The exchange ornaments are gorgeous Christine. I'm sorry I missed it but there is always next year.

Love the way you're displaying your vintage ornaments.

Nicola said...

I love the birdcage, did you get it locally?