Thursday 22 December 2011

A TARDIS, advent and half a summerhouse

That's right, I have half a summerhouse, and yes, I do realise it's the middle of winter, but we've been waiting ages for it to be delivered.
Hopefully the roof will go on in the next couple of days, then we can do something about the desolate swamp in front of it. It used to be a lawn once.
By summer it is going to be lovely (she said hopefully)

Here are my most recent gifts in the secret advent exchange on Needlecraft Haven
I received a gingerbread cookies scented candle, a handy notebook, a diary for next year,  two propelling pencils, a mini flexi light which will be ideal to clip to my embroidery frame, and some adorable giraffe slipper socks. 
I'm enjoying this exchange so much.
And finally a TARDIS.

Because I am weak.

And sad.

And a geek.

And I saw it and had to have it.

You can just see the top edge of the Golden Snitch ornament in the bottom of the picture, and the dalek one at the top, and I have decided that the brass one with the stag is definitely Harry's Patronus. There is even a matching doe on the other side of the tree for Severus and Lily. I might just have the world's nerdiest tree. 
Anyone know where I can buy a glass Millenium Falcon?


Nicola said...

Is the summerhouse going to be a sewing studio perchance ?

I have never seen a Tardis Christmas ornament before, where did you find it?

Linda said...

You should love your summerhouse; I know I would. I am just longing to finish our back porch. Love, love, love your Tardis ornament. At the moment, I have no idea where you could find a glass Millenium Falcon or one made of any other material, for that matter.

Sally said...

I LOVE your Tardis! I bet your tree is fantastic!

Your summer house looks lovely even half done. I'd love one.

Mouse said...

ohhhh wow .. fab stitching room to be and cooooooo love that tardis :) went to the opening of the tardis at blackpool many years ago with Tom Baker and sarah and another chap have got the autographs upstairs in my scrap book :)love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

hello dear, your summer house is looking so nice..i love it xx
your tree is very sweet..with lots of cute ornament..
lovely gifts..
hugs and love cucki xx

Kathryn said...

Long live the Tardis!!!

Julie said...

Had a lovely catch up read - your tree is stunning with the unusual ornaments, so you!
Great ornaments, I promise to do better next year lol
Have a lovely Christmas xxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

No, but the Haynes manual for the Millenium Falcon is half price in Waterstones at the moment!
I can also send instructions to build a mini MF from Lego, about an inch across! We had a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar this year