Saturday 3 December 2011

Ornaments, apples and hooky

And here we are in December! Hi to anyone who has come over here via the Advent Calender on Jo's Blog. A Christmassy post for you all.

The Needlecraft Haven Ornament Exchange finished last week. Here is the ornament I sent to Mary (no blog as far as I am aware)
This is He's a Flake by LHN, stitched on  hand dyed linen from The Crafty Kitten, and backed with the vintage fabric shown, which I bought from Rag Rescue (well worth a visit), and finished with a few pompom "snowballs".

And here is the one I recieved from Barb. Thank you Barb, I totally love it, it is so pretty and delicate and stitched entirely over 1.
It also came wrapped up in the Christmas fabric it is sitting on, which was very thoughtful.

I've also taken part in an ornament exchange via The Gift of Stitching, here is the beautiful ornament I received from Melanie (Don't know of any blog for Melanie either). It looks like a real vintage glass ornament doesn't it? 
Thank you Melanie, its just lovely.
I can't show you the one I sent to Melanie because I used the Monthly Challenge design and it's not reveal day yet, I'll bore you with that one later ;D.

And what about the apples and hooky I hear you ask. Well ta da!
A snuggly little apple cosy a la Mollie Makes.
I've wanted to make one of these since the fabulous Mollie Makes was first launched, and Eloise has been desperate for a cosy to keep her poor neglected little apple safe and warm on it's perilous journey into college.  I mean the girl has literally been pining for an apple cosy. 
If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know that crochet is something I struggle with but last week I bit the bullet and had a go and just like Eliza Doolittle "By George, I think she's got it!"
OK so attempt one was more like a grapefruit cosy, but, 
Look. At. That.
Can you tell I'm excited?
I suspect I may have found a new addiction. Ho Hum.


Hazel said...

Beautiful ornies both sent and received. Glad you have got the hooky bug! x

Katherine said...

In love that you put the pom pom (snowball) fringe on that ornament. Congrats on figuring out crochet. Wow, your daughter's so lucky to have an apple cozy - I mean there are some children who have to eat their apples cold - out of the fridge! I know, you just made it for the challenge and you did a great job.

Nancy said...

Such beautiful Christmas ornaments!

The apple cozy is too cute! Looks like a fun project.

cucki said...

yup..very lovely christmas ornament both sent and received..
the apple is looking so cute with her little dress on..i love it so much..
love and hugs xx

Linda said...

The ornaments are all very nice. Congrats on mastering crochet techniques. An apple cozy, what a nice idea. I always disliked taking apples in bag lunches because they always seemed to get bruised.

Gillie said...

Oh no, groaning loudly, not another addiction! Well done, Christine, I have been talking about hauling out the hooks again but that's all it!

Absolutely WOWish ornaments!

Re Linda's comment, any chance of a pear cosy, lol, as they REALLY get bruised, poor things!

Ranae said...

Lovely ornaments sent and received.
What a great idea the apple cozy is, I suppose it keeps it from getting bruised up as well.

Patty C. said...

Darling Snowman Finish ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the Christmassy pictures. I've posted the snowman ornie with the pom pom trim onto the main post on my blog.
Love your apple cosy, such a great idea. How about a banana one next?

Dani - tkdchick said...

What beautiful ornaments that have been sent and received! Okay, an apple cozy, I trout I had read/ seen it all

Mouse said...

oooo like the ornaments sent and given and well done on the apple cosy .. you're a braver woman than I am love mouse xxxx

Kate said...

Fab ornaments- love the snowball trim.
Congrats on the apple cosy.

Jan Gartlan said...

Gorgeous ornaments

Carol said...

Your Flaky snowman finish is adorable, Christine--love the pompom fringe. And the backing fabric--how great that you "rescued" it and gave it new life!

Julie said...

Super ornaments, the little snowballs are o cute along the bottom.

The hooky bug will get you, I have hooked more than stitched in recent weeks, grows fater lol

Meari said...

I hopped over from the advent calendar ☺

Congrats on the apple cozy. Yes, I can tell you're super excited!

Your ornament exchanges are wonderful. I really like them all.