Sunday 4 March 2007

Tadpoles and frogs!

I was doing some gardening yesterday, and found the pond was seething with tadpoles, spring seems to have sprung!
David and Eloise both saw "Tiny" the newt, but he was too quick for me. - Warning, Bad Joke Alert - Why do we call the newt "Tiny"? Because he is my newt! -
I suspect he was lurking among the rocks deliberately to taunt me, going "I mock you with my amphibious ability to hide under water"

Anyway, back in the house later that afternoon the tadpoles sent their big brothers for a visit, froggy came a' courting my needlework and I somehow lost the ability to count, so this morning I need to redo a whole motif on the new design I'm working on, which I thought I'd almost finished. Grrr.

Ah well, I suppose I'd better go and tackle it instead of typing about it.......


Stitchingranny said...

Lol Christine, we have the same problem. I am used to frogs in the back garden as we have a pond, but they have now moved into the front garden too, and whilst stitching 4 wishes last week I think they moved into the house too.

Julie said...

awww no, maybe the newt was giving you a warning about the froggy!!

bad joke .... but made me LOL