Thursday 15 March 2007

Something New

Today I had my first bobbin lace making lesson.
Wow! I think I've found something else I can get hooked on, after all I badly NEED another hobby ;D
No pictures as yet, but I'll try and get one posted soon.


Julie said...

fantastic, another string to your bow !!!

a lady at our stitching club does it, she brought some to show us how to do it, goggled my eyes watching her twist and thread the bobbins, but it does look so pretty

looking forward to seeing your handywork

Stitchingranny said...

ooohhhh I learnt to do this when my children were little and I loved it. I still have my cushion and all my bobbins but I would love to do a refresher course as I really cannot remember how to do it now. My Mum still has a set of little handkerchiefs I made her all with different lace edgings. I will look forward to seeing pictures of what you do.