Tuesday 1 January 2019

Rounding Up 2018, A Winner, and a Tree Explained

Happy New Year!

Here is my annual round-up post. The official total for 2018 stands at:-

Finishes - 78
Including these two last minute ones.

The tattoo heart brooch cover kit from the January 2019 issue of Cross Stitcher, which I couldn't resist starting when the magazine popped through my door 3 or 4 days ago. It is now gracing Naomi's new laptop bag
And this little chap.

I bought a whole book to get this pattern (It was only a small book, but still)
As you can imagine the really tough part was eating the two choc-ices to get the sticks for his skis. I am a martyr to my crafting.

Books read - 46
A bit down on previous years, but in my defence some of them were pretty long books

Shoes bought - 8
Yes, I was very restrained this year wasn't I?

So, that makes a total of 132, and the closest with a guess of 73, 54 and 12, was, for the 2nd year running


Well done Jo, a prize will be on it's way. 
Please comment  on this post with your guesses for 2019 if you want to be in the competition next year.

Finally a tree explained. In my last post I showed you my Geekmas Tree - I've got so many geeky decorations that we decided they merited a tree of their own and so the concept of the Geekmas Tree was born. (we also have a much more traditional tree in the living room). I challenged you to spot the fandoms and other geekiness represented. It would have been hard to get them all as they aren't all clearly visible in the photo, but here goes.
The angel on the top is Castiel from Supernatural and then reading from the top of the tree down we have:-
An ornament made from Scrabble tiles
A Golden Snitch (Harry Potter)
An ornament made from Lego bricks
A stitched penguin wearing a Jayne Cobb hat (Firefly)
Winnie the Pooh
Iron Man 
A Chemistry bauble with an organic molecule on it (the one that gives Christmas trees their smell)
Donald Duck
A bauble that says "Shiny" (Serenity/Firefly quote)
A glass Dalek (Doctor Who)
A stitched Hello Kitty
A Winchester Brothers bauble (Supernatural)
Captain America
A stitched Lieutenant Worf (Star Trek TNG)
A glass TARDIS (Doctor Who) also a gingerbread TARDIS and a stitched TARDIS
A stitched Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek TNG)
The Incredible Hulk
and an undead fairy


rosey175 said...

Man, I even zoomed in and I still missed some of the geekiness ahaha. It must have caused you great suffering to eat those popsicles. Terrible what we must do for crafts.

You might need to make up some shoe purchases this year, so I'll guess 78, 51, and 13!

Julie said...

Well done to Jo.
I read more books than you ...... That makes me a winner in my eyes lol
Cute penguin, he's lovely
My guess will be ... 71, 52 and 19

diamondc said...

I totally love your tree.
I have read a lot but not as much as you, I admire you for that.
I love the penguin he is adorable, loving the heart.
I only bought five pair of shoes, I am jealous.
My guess: 81 49 7

Happy New Year

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great Geekmass Tree, your ornaments are definitely worthy of their own tree. Good guessing Jo, and of course great crafting, reading and shoe buying Christine 😉

I haven't guessed before but I think 74, 47 and 11

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Well done, Jo.

Bethan said...

Ahhh thank you for explaining your geekmas tree decorations - I can't believe I missed Cas! Well done to Jo, and have a wonderful 2019 x

Carol said...

Oh, that penguin is just the cutest, Christine! Congratulations on your many finishes in 2018. I always enjoy visiting your blog--you just never know what you'll be sharing with us :) Happy New Year!

Leonore Winterer said...

78 finishes, that's amazing! Well done, and congrats to Jo. I'll place a guess for this year and say 71 finishes, 63 books and 9 pairs of shoes!
I also seriously love your Geekmas tree. It's awesome, thanks for the rundown!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow that was me! I can't quite remember how I reached those numbers but I think I did it mathematically so let's try that again!
I guess 74 finishes, 52 books and 11 pairs of shoes. You deserve a few more shoes this year!

Your Tree of Geekery was wonderful. I need to go back and identify all those items now.

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