Sunday 5 August 2018

A Little Alchemy Going On In The Alchymyst's Study

A few weeks ago I was working in the local Secondary School, invigilating exams, and the exam they'd done was Chemistry. Afterwards there was a heaping great pile of periodic tables left over and the school were going to bin them, so I offered to "re-home them"
After distressing a handful of them with cold tea and ink, I combined them with a few vintage book pages, some mediaeval alchemical illustrations I found online, and a couple of used envelopes and made this little junk journal.
It was a steep learning curve, and I'll be doing one or two stages differently with the next one, but for a first attempt I'm quite pleased with it.

In other news, we've been busy in the garden constructing a second patio, as the main one loses the sun mid-afternoon. Naomi decided "second patio" wasn't a very good name for it, and has re-christened it and wood-burned us a sign for it.

Presenting the "Gin Patio"

Every garden should have one


diamondc said...

Pretty cool, I have never done a craft like this, very nice.


Preeti said...

That looks great ! It sounds like a big task for me but it must be interesting to do. Nice sign for your new patio.

Bethan said...

Oh that's so good! Mad of the school to get rid of periodic tables - they are always useful (says the Science teacher!). But at least you put them to some good use x

maddox pax said...
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Carol said...

OK--I learned a new word today! Had never heard of "invigilating" before so I looked it up :) The definition mentioned that it was a British term so that makes sense and I don't feel quite as dumb!

Your journal is so cool and I love the new patio sign, too.

rosey175 said...

Ooo this is a great idea! Glad you were able to re-home the tables into something so nifty! Your new patio (and name) are great though I wouldn't want to chase the sun! I like sticking to the shady side of life hah.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Always good to recycle! The Journal looks great, now you just need some scientific cross stitch to mount in it.

Love the new patio sign, what a talented family.

Also, wondering what the US call invigilators?

Leonore Winterer said...

That's a pretty cool journal. I like the combination of alchemy and modern day chemistry.

FlashinScissors said...

Oooh! A great idea to recycle those tables as journals. You certainly made a nice job of them!
I love the idea of naming the second patio ..... and what a clever daughter you have! Love the sign, and so professional! Nice new patio!
We move from one side of the house to another too, to find the shade mainly up until now, I think we need a couple of names for our seating areas too! Lovely idea!
Barbara x