Sunday 13 June 2010

A gift, my garden, and a new release

I had a lovely package in amongst all the bills in the post last week. Heidi had run a surprise giveaway on her blog and I won this gorgeous scissor fob. Look at the little tape measure charm, isn't it adorable?

The lovely warm weather we've been having has had quite an effect on my garden, which is now chock full of weeds, or a haven for wildflowers depending on your point of view. Here are some campion, buttercups and foxgloves which I have cunningly prevented from seeding all over the place, by bringing them into the kitchen (and my Jamie Oliver jug).

And finally ...

(wait for it)...

My new release. Presenting "Adventures" a sampler and matching needlework accessories based on a quote from Jane Austen "If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village she must seek them abroad".

Sampler and Accessories

Inside of sewing pocket

Back of sewing pocket and fob

(list of stockists available on website)


Julie said...

Superb new release, its beautiful

The wildflowers look great in the jug, but my eye was more drawn to your cornishware in the window sill! It's nice when the sunshine makes the flowers bloom, the whole world seems a happier place.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations on a beautiful new release!

What a lovely gift from Heidi!

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

Love the new design, Christine!

Mylene said...

Beautiful wildflowers!

WOW! Your new creations looks gorgeous. I LOVE it. Congrats!!

Barb said...

OOOHh will keep that one in mind , it is lovely.
I love to see wildflowers in a jug. I am desperate for foxgloves in my garden and have just got some seeds so I can have some next year.
Love the fob.

Sally said...

Lovely new release Christine. You are so talented.

Beautiful gift from Heidi.

Carol said...

Your new design is beautiful Christine! :o)

Karan said...

Congratulations on the new release, it's lovely & going on my Wish List. :0)
The wildflowers look perfect in that jug. You're helping the insects, birds & butterflies with that wildflower area, so tell everyone you're a conservationist! ;0)

Heidi said...

So glad you like your fob as I loved making it for you! Your photo of it is much better than the one I made. :-) Wildflowers in a jug are such a thing of simple beauty. And speaking of things of beauty! Congratulations on your fabulous new releases.

Hugs from Holland ~