Sunday 6 December 2009

DIY Door Wreath

I got the idea for this from a post a few months back on Heidi's blog, where she had made a lovely fabric wreath.

There are two parts to making this:

1) the indoor part

Get a pile of 5" squares of Christmas fabric, fold in half wrong sides together, sew along the long edge and one short edge, & turn right sides out.

Stuff them with polyester fibrefill, turn in the open edge and stitch closed to make little pillows. I made about 16 because that was when I ran out of fibrefill.

2) the outdoor part (because its messy)

Take a bag of straw , a wire wreath ring and a bundle of raffia.

Take handfuls of the straw, and working round the wreath base bind them in place with the raffia.

Make a loop of raffia at the top for hanging.

Don't worry about any long endy bits. Rustic is good.

Now take your little pillows and tie them tightly to the wreath using short lengths of raffia and tying little bows.

Finally add some little wired baubles to finish off and hang on your front door.

Ta da!
(Note to self: Front Door needs painting)


Stitcher said...

Wow, that's great, I was just looking at one of these on a blog yesterday.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Christine that looks fantastic and SOOOOOOO easy!

Daffycat said...

Oooo, it is lovely, Christine! Well done!

jane said...

that's great Christine - I love it!

Hazel said...

Awwww that is soooo nice!!! Question - where did you get the wire wreath from??? I'd love to do one of those but it would tak eme forever to make up those little pillows unless I get my mini stitch machine out - I'm so scared of it lol!! xx

Mylene said...

Great job on the wreath, Christine. It looks wonderful!!

Irene said...

Looks wonderful !

Ranae said...

Wow! the wreath is gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing

Barb said...

Christine oh how much better than all that prickly holly,I hated holly wreath time when I was at work. VERY effective ,hmm wonder if it would work on a twig heart .Thanks for the lesson.

Kathryn said...

Whoa ! That's awesome!
Mine would look like scarecrow vomit, if I attempted to make one.
Yours, however, looks great!
Kathryn : )

Karan said...

I love this idea Christine, it looks fabulous. :0)
BTW, the front door looks fine to me. LOL

Heidi said...

You did a great job on your wreath Christine. Mine is on my coffee table with a candle in the middle. We had our quilt group's annual Christmas party last night and they all talked about how they love using their wreaths this holiday season. Be careful as they are addictive once you make one. I have one for autumn and for Christmas and saved one straw wreath to make one for spring-summer. :-)

Hugs ~

SheilasEmbroidery said...

What a great idea. I love it.