Wednesday 24 June 2009

Sorry I've been quiet

Not much stitching to show I'm afraid, everything I'm working on is hush hush at the moment and I've been spending quite a bit of time in the garden with all the lovely weather we've been having. This is my bit of a veg garden:-

The peas are a purple flowered/podded variety called Blauwschokker, and I think its pretty enough to grow even if you didn't get peas off it. The second picture is a little corner of my "seaside garden"
Got a busy weekend coming up, we've booked a hall in Tintagel and are having an exhibition/sale of my craftwork and jewellry, and David's photos on Sunday, so I'm off now to glue more bits of seaglass and driftwood to things (hopefully not my fingers), and make up some bags.


Stitcher said...

Wishing you well for the weekend, if you wasn't so far, I'd come and have a peak, hope you make lots of money.

Nancy said...

Both of your gardens are lovely. It must be a joy to spend time in them!

Good luck with your crafty wares!

jayne said...

Good luck with the exhibition!
We had no luck growing peas in our garden but your Blauwschokker sound interesting. Dutch??

Karan said...

Thought you were growing sweet pea flowers when I first looked. :0) Lovely gardens. Good Luck with the exhibition/sale - hope you sell lots. :0)

Julie said...

Your veg garden looks lovely.

Hope lots of folks attend Saturday and all goes well

Mylene said...

Wonderful garden pictures.

Wish you goodluck with the craft sale.