Sunday 18 May 2008

Clematis, cliff path and cake

I'd like you to meet Dr Ruppel. He is looking excedingly handsome this year as I'm sure you'd agree.

It being a particularly lovely afternoon, we went for a walk along the cliff path, and then ruined all the wonderful healthy benefits of our excercise by stopping for cake on the way home!

By the way, if anyone has seen my stitching mojo could they send it home please? I haven't done any stitching in about three weeks. My dress-making mojo, on the other hand, is alive and well, with the current count standing at one tunic top for Eloise, and a dress and a skirt for me in the last fortnight!


Julie said...

YUMMY!!!! i hope you had an extra piece of that cake for me Chrisine LOL

Wonderful scenery pic and Dr Ruppel looks very healthy.

Sorry your mojo isn't here with me, maybe its away for a months hols.

Sally said...

Lovely view from the cliff top path Christine and that cake looks yummy. I could just eat a piece ( says she who is desperate to lose some weight!).

Dr Ruppel is very pretty.

Hope you find your mojo soon.

Anonymous said...

wondeful scenery, what a lovely location for a walk. Yummy! that cake looks good.

Dr Ruppel looks very healthy

No sign of your mojo here, hope it returns soon

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures shared! and hmmm, the cakes looks YUMMY!

Hope you will regain your stitching mojo very soon.

Karan said...

Now that's what I call a chocolate cake! :0)
Lovely pics Christine.
Hope the mojo returns soon. Mine disappeared on holiday but is back now I'm home - guess it didn't fancy going away! LOL

Karen said...

wow now that is a slice of chocolate cake, I love the photos of the views in your area makes me want to come back there on holiday very soon

Elisa said...

What beautiful pictures...that is what I call a slab of

Hope your mojo took mine a few weeks..

Nancy said...

What a gorgeous flower! The chocolate cake looks delicious, and so do the bakery items a couple of posts ago - those are really pretty!

The cliff path - now to me that would be pure heaven. Oh to be that close to the water!

Mylene said...

Just stopping by to say HI!! Hope you are all well and have a nice week!