Monday 20 August 2007

A Busy Weekend!

It was the village show this weekend, which, as I am secretary, keeps me pretty busy every year, but this year was even busier than usual as we had to leave early to get to Bude in time for Naomi to enter the Fairy Queens competition at the Carnival.

The first picture is the stitching I completed while I was sitting in the hall till 10 o clock Friday night, stewarding the benching of exhibits. The design was from Cross Stitcher magazine, and I stitched it for my daughter who is a huge fan. I'm not saying who its meant to be, because I hope it is pretty obvious ;).

The second picture is my winning "Top Vase". I was really proud of this. Every year my lilies mock me by blooming either a week too early or a week too late for the show, but this year they miscalculated!
The third picture is my floral art entry, which won in its class, a first for me as I've never done well in floral art before.

The girls did really well too. Eloise won the cup for most points in her age group, and the cup for children's floral art, and Naomi won the prizes for Handwriting and children's photography. The 4th picture is her winning entry.

Oh, and we got two firsts and a second at the Carnival too!


Diana said...

Christine, it looks pretty obvious to me!! It looks great...

Julie said...

Congrats to you all, your lillies are stun ing. I know who'he'is too LOL. We have our show Sept 9th.

Stitchingranny said...

Who did you say it was lol? He looks a bit like a doctor!!

Well done to you all on your wins.

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Who? Witch Doctor? (grin)

Love the lillies. They are stunning. Well done on the results.