Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee and other Joys

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so over all the tacky plastic Jubilee decorations that have sprung up everywhere like a rash in the last week or so. I had grand plans for a spectacular yet tasteful Jubilee wreath for the front door, but time got away from me, so yesterday I improvised with some left over artificial ivy from Naomi's carnival float, a handful of crochet flowers, a few buttons and a bit of  Union Flag ribbon. I think its got a bit of a vintage vibe going on.

We've been basking in late spring/early summer sunshine here, and the garden is flourishing, highlights at the moment are the aquilegias, they are promiscuous little blighters, and seed themselves everywhere, (don't let this one's innocent white flowers fool you, it is a strumpet and is growing smack in the middle of my pieris)

and my azalea, which is kind of like being smacked in the eye with pink!
And finally, as they say on the news when they get to the frivoulous bit...
At a wedding we photographed last weekend, the Bride rocked a pair of red patent dolly shoes.
I was smitten. I had to have red patent dolly shoes.
(I know, me + shoes = weak).
These arrived yesterday (I <3 Ebay).
I haven't owned red patent shoes since I was about three years old and I just love them to bits, they make me totally and irrationally happy. I spent the evening skipping round the house in them going "I've got red patent shoes" somewhat in the style of Captain Jack Sparrow with his jar of dirt.

What makes you irrationally happy?


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Shiny pennies make me happy!

I love it when we empty a bag of 100 shiny pennies into the till at work.

I do love your shoes too though.

This is my "favourite" tacky Jubilee item:
They look really freaky on kids!

Anonymous said...


Looking at my hand dyed threads makes me happy!

Your wreath is lovely, much better than the ones in the shops!

The white aqualegia is very pretty but I agree it gets everywhere!
Those shoes are just great!

Cindy's Stitching said...

the door looks great. Love the flowers blooming. And the red shoes are adorable.

Julie said...

Your wreath is very tasteful, looks splendid!
Fab red shoes,I have a pair but mine are not patent. Every time I wear them I just want to click my heels like in the Wizard of Oz lol.
Enjoy the Juvilee weekend x

Barb said...

Love the patriotic wreath Christine, and the red shoes - I like red shoes too and I am with Julie about the wizard of Oz.
Enjoy your weekend.

Mouse said...

ohhhhh love your wreath :) and your flowers too .... and ohhhhhhhhhh your shoes are adorable .... mmmmmm need a pair do they do them in mouse size ;) love mouse xxxx

viv said...

Love your wreath and the shoes.
Hugs from my grandchildren make me irrationally happy along with seeing deer and bluebirds.

Carol said...

Your Jubilee decorations are wonderful, Christine--much, much better than plastic :)

I can just picture you skipping around the house in your fun new red shoes--enjoy!!

Heidi said...

I had been waiting to get home to comment on your last blog post. Internet was too slow at the cottage. Then I got to see your vintage look Jubilee decorations. Just great! Love those crochet flowers. And you garden is beautiful.

I think you are about the luckiest person I know at winning giveaways. Congratulations!

Hugs from Holland ~

Katherine said...

Christine! Laughing hysterically over your Jack Sparrow redux! I LOVE those shoes! I call those "Mary Janes", but love that you call them Dolly Shoes. Maybe I'll start that. Mary Janes are what I wear most and I'm going hunting for those shoes because RED is my favorite! Thanks so much for the post.

tintocktap said...

The red shoes look gorgeous. I don't know the I can imagine wearing them myself, but my daughters would love them!

The way my daughters come racing to the front door with hugs and kisses when I get home from work really makes me happy. And the way that my girls are equally happy to welcome their big brother too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You might of just pulled it together but that wreath looks lovely.

I've got a red pair of flats that I adore!!!