Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mollie Makes Strikes Again

It's been another wedding heavy couple of weeks. Five in two weeks this time. For those of you who commented last time about my active social life, I wish! These were all work weddings. If you want to see pictures they are in the other blog. I've been so busy I just realised I spent all July with my calendar still set to June. No wonder I could never figure out what day of the week it was!
I promised carnival pictures in my last post so here is a snap of the girls ready for the parade

And here is some yarn bombing that appeared in the park, and about which which I don't know anything at all. Not me. Nope. Not a thing...

I did find a little bit of time for crafting last week though when Mollie Makes plopped through the door and I immediately fell in love with the adorable little cuddly felt cacti.

To give an idea of scale the little pots are just over an inch tall. The pale green one is made exactly as given in the magazine, but I added a flower to the darker one (flower made the same way as I described in this post)
I thought you might want to see what Naomi has been busy doing too. She bought herself a Doctor Who t-shirt on Evilbay.

It was described as a "small", but when it arrived it was a medium, and a man's medium at that. It drowned her. So following a tutorial she found online, she converted it into this loose racer back top.

Complete with funky wired back detail.

Friday, 17 July 2015

July Gifted Gorgeousness

and only a couple of days late as well.
Gifted gorgeousness is a SAL organised by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, where once a month we show off gift related stitchy stuff. I'ts been a busy week here with the village carnival, a week long event culminating in the carnival itself tomorrow, (pictures to follow) and four weddings in eight days so crafty type things have been on the back burner a bit. I did make up these three little coin purses, and the Strawberry Shortcake fabric was a gift from Shroo so that counts right?

Also I received a lovely gift through the post from Mary Anne, of all these fabulous pieces of old lace. I shall have to think of something extra special to use them for, maybe combine them with some of my denim squares in some way...

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cushions and Bunting

When I bought the panel I used for this bag, I couldn't resist buying another design as well. Here it is made up into a cushion complete with super duper orange pompom trim. (Hello, my name is Christine and I am a pompomoholic)

Fabic panel from Cat & Vee.
DH had some less than tactful things to say about how much we didn't need another @#$* cushion.
It now lives on his pillow.
Mine is an evil laugh...

And here is some bunting I knitted (mostly because I'm rubbish at crochet)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness - The June Edit

The fifteenth of the month. Time for Gifted Gorgeousness as hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, in which we show off any stitched gifts or gifted stitching.
Recently Hazel from Quietly Stitching very kindly gifted me a Loopylou chart, Tranquility, that she'd finished with, along with the leftover speciality threads, and this is my (meagre) start on it, (recommended threads on mushroom coloured fabric)

I love Hardanger, and I'm enjoying every stitch of this so far. Thank you Hazel :)
The link up post for the SAL is here if you want to see the other posts.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Gone to Pot

Not much crafting going on here lately so I thought I'd share a couple of garden pictures. I love heucheras, I've got several different coloured ones in pots around the garden so I couldn't resist buying this lovely dark one, "Liquorice" when I saw it at the Royal Cornwall Show last week. I've just finished planting it up into this display for by the front door alongside Cosmos "ChocaMocha", the chocolate cosmos, which is almost the same colour and has the added bonus of smelling exactly like chocolate.

I've seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest of "fairy gardens" made from broken terracotta pots, so I had a rummage and found a couple of old pots and some broken bits, and planted them up with some off shoots from my houseleeks, moss and a little bit of Corsican Mint

I'm not at all sure about this at the moment, it's nothing like the picture I had in my head, but I'm hoping it will look better when the little succulents establish themselves.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Small Challenge Finish

It's reveal day for the Monthly Ornament Challenge at Needlecraft Haven
This month the design was from Ajisai designs (chart here)

I missed off the background blackwork snowflakes from mine as they didn't really show up on the fabric I chose, replaced the backstitch bow with one made from real ribbon and finished it as a mug cosy (you can't see in the photo but it fastens around the handle with a button and ribbon loop)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Cover Kit and Some Sewing

There was a half decent cover kit on Cross Stitcher magazine this month, so long as you ignored the minor irritation of it telling you to use a loop start and stitch with three strands. Yeah, sure, OK,,,how?  How do I do a loop start with an odd number of strands? Oh, and also, if you want me to use a loop start don't cut the threads to 12" lengths. Just saying...
Anyway other than that it was a nice little kit to make this brooch.

I really enjoy stitching on these wooden blanks. He's a bit bigger than I'd normally wear a brooch, but I think he might look quite good on my denim jacket.
On the sewing front I actually made something for me for a change. This is Simplicity 1612 made up in a nice ponte roma jersey I found on EvilBay.

Some slight tweaks to the pattern, (see my full pattern review here if you're interested) but it made up quite quickly, and I'm thinking of making another in a lighter weight jersey. I particularly like this soft-twist keyhole effect at the back.