Saturday 30 June 2012

Sad Kilner Jar is Happy

Remember the sad Kilner jar from last week?
I took your suggestions on board, and now he is full of jolly buttons and bows and has a pom pom trim collar. Much better!

It is opening day for the Summer Exchange on Needlecraft Haven
I received this beautifully stitched citrus coloured Hardanger pincushion from Rachael. 
(The colours are bit brighter and more zingy in real life.)
Thank you Rachael, I love it.
I sent this felt corsage and  biscornu pincushion to Angie.
In other news, I've been doing some knitting. This little bolero is for a friend who is expecting a baby girl.
I did the newborn size and it looks so tiny, still I suppose newborns are tiny...


Clare-Aimetu said...

The jar looks great Christine. Your gift from Rachael is definitely a summer theme wih those oolours.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Newborns are tiny? Mine weren't LOL. The "small" boy weighed more than the other two babies on our ward put together! They had these little weak mewling cries while he was yelling at 100 decibels!
I hope your friend gets a nice 7lber instead.
The jar looks great with the pom-poms too.
ps I'm frantically trying to finish the June challenge so I can post a pic tomorrow.

Julie said...

The jar certainly looks happier, I'd be twirling those fluffy pom poms all day.
Both goodies for the exchange are lovely.
Cute baby gift,.

Barb said...

Oh so much happier the jar Christine. Love those pom poms. Your exchange pieces are fab. Oh how sweet is that little cardi. I was a prem baby but you wouldnt think it now!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

The exchange is so lovely and bright!

That little bolero looks like it would fit a doll!

Carol said...

Now that is one happy jar, Christine--great work :)

Heidi Kuijer said...

Yep...that was all the jar needed and looks to be smiling now. :-)

I saw your gift on the NH forum. Both those sent and received are great. But lets mention that adorable little cute is that!

Hugs from Holland ~

DUSTY said...

Cute jar !! Your Summer Exchange gift is lovely and the sweater is adorable and small. LOL

Sally said...

Love the jar! It looks so bright and cheerful.

Cute little bolero.