Monday 6 June 2011


Things have been even more manic than usual of late here at the Casa Di Chaos, and poor little Blog has fallen by the wayside a bit.
We currently have my MIL living here on a temporary but indefinite basis while she is between houses, and have acquired a 2nd cat, as she can't take hers with her to her new place. This has rather put Spike's nose out of joint, though he is getting quite a bit of extra food out of it, as the phrase "Leave that, it's Billy's" apparently means nothing to him ;D
There has been a bit of a slump on the stitching front, but I do have a finish to show. this is my version of May's Monthly Challenge, the design this month was Cadeau pour les Amis Brodeuses from Sablaise and the album is here.
I did mine in cream and beige silk threads on vintage country mocha linen, and finished it as a pinkeep, with some mother of pearl thread rings and a scissor pocket on the back, and made a little matching scissor fob. This will be my gift for an upcoming exchange, but I'm pretty sure I'm safe showing it here.

We've been having a very pleasant burst of early Summer here. The beach was very crowded at the weekend.

But if you walk far enough you can still find a peaceful spot.


Nancy said...

Your stitched piece is so pretty! I love the soft, neutral colors. Your beach pictures are absolutely beautiful! Hope things start getting back to normal for you soon!

Carol said...

How lovely to live so close to the beach--I'd be the one finding the quiet peaceful (and shaded) spots to sit and stitch! Your challenge piece is so pretty, Christine--you really did a nice job :)

I do hope Spike adjusts to Billy's presence very soon, too!

Gillie said...

What a lovely exchange that will be - I loved stitching mine but definitely wasn't so fancy!

Hazel said...

Beautiful may challenge piece you made! Really lovely. Oh am so envious of you living by the sea. I really need to move! x

Kathryn said...

Love the beige and cream!
...and your beach is so NOT crowded. Lucky people, you are.
Kathryn (in case blogger wants to call me anonymous again).
Oh ha ha - word verification is 'frogi'

jane said...

Lovely challenge piece, lucky person who gets that in an exchange!
I like your photos of the beach, what a fantastic place to live.

mdgtjulie said...

Great beach photos! Great everything photos, lol. Would love to see a pic of your new cat. And I really hope you and your MIL get along well!!

Kate said...

Love the colours you have used. Mine is stitched I just lacked the time to make it up - hopefully this week.

Linda said...

What a lovely finish. You could send it to me; I would be willing to give it a good home. ;-)
My life has been a little hectic too but not with an extra person in the house. Take care

Mylene said...

Beautifully finish and your partner is very lucky to receive it.

Haven't been to the beach over here but i am pretty sure it's busy too with this lovely weather.

Sally said...

Your challenge piece is gorgeous Christine:)

Julie said...

Super finish for your challenge piece Christine.

Loving your peaceful spot, i could do with one of those!