Saturday 11 June 2011

Flowers and more flowers

The 2nd issue of the fabulous Mollie Makes magazine popped through my letterbox last week. I couldn't wait, and made up the cover kit, a gorgeous turquoise felt corsage, immediately.

It was so much fun that I rifled through my felt stash and made another in neutral colours, which I stitched  to a second hand straw handag I got from Ebay, together with a Paris themed patch of Japanese linen fabric. I added some vintage lace and buttons and an Eiffel tower charm too. My felt was a bit softer than the felt supplied in the kit, I think it gives this one a more sculptural quality. I'm quite pleased with how it came out, I'm thinking of making some more and selling them at the craft fairs.

The other flowers in this post are the real kind. June is the best month of the year in my garden.
How would you like to share a little early morning stroll "around the grounds" ?

This is Albertine, my favourite rambling rose doing exactly what it says on the tin, and ramblig all over the pergola.

The bell flowers have gone berserk and taken over the seaside garden.
The alpine strawberries are delicious. They never seem to actually make it to the table though ~ in fact I don't think the rest of the family even know there are strawberries there ;D

The tadpoles have turned into froglets and are sunning themselves by the pond. You have to be careful where you walk.
This is Dr Ruppel. He 's rather a handsome chap don't you think?
My Apothecary's Rose. I wish I could upload the scent for you, it's gorgeous.
I even get a better class of weeds in June!
Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour!


Mouse said...

oooo .. nice flowers of the felt and real variety :) have you found that Mollie makes to be any good ??? love the bag you made too :) love mouse xxx

Kate said...

Thanks for the stroll around the garden Christine - it's pouring here! Love the felt flowers and your bag makeover is great.

Carol said...

Your flowers, both felt and real, are lovely Christine! I'm sure your little bags would be big sellers at craft fairs--very fun and creative :)

Sally said...

Beautiful flowers Christine. I love that bag! You've done it up beautifully.

mdgtjulie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Christine. Love the rambling rose, it's just beautiful!! Your handbag and corsage are wonderful! I love the handbag especially. It turned out really well!!

DUSTY said...

Your garden is lovely Christine !!! Love all the flowers. that froglet is adorable. Don't let him get near your stitching though !!! LOL !!! I love the felt flowers and the handbag looks great. You are so multi-talented !!!

Mylene said...

You are creative with the felt flowers, LOVELY! Thanks for sharing pics of your garden pics, gorgeous flowers you have around!!

jane said...

Great pics of your garden. I love your felt flowers too, the bag is stunning!

Julie said...

Loved the tour of our garden, it's onice to be able to get outside and sit amongst the loveliness.

The felt flowers are really cool, i bet you'll sell lots at craft fairs

Amanda said...

Loved it! Especially the strawberries and the baby froggies! :) And your flowers are gorgeous!

Lois said...

I did enjoy a stroll round your garden. What beautiful colours and look at those strawberries! My strawberries are suffering from a lack of sunshine in this part of the UK and are nowhere near turning red yet. Love the felt flowers. I must look out for this magazine!

Heidi said...

Loved being able to walk through your garden with you. What is it about this time of year and we all think of flowers. Try one of the crochet ones now? I think you would like doing them. The online tutorial I used makes it easy to do. :-)

I love that straw handbag! I would like to find one with long straps and decorate it with lace or crochet as you see in the shops now.

Hugs from Holland ~

Dani - tkdchick said...

One word Christine : Stunning!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

I was looking at that mag on Saturday and nearly bought it because of the felt corsage. I bought something else instead and restrained the urge to buy yet another magazine when I have a heap by my bed not completely read yet. I start reading find a nice project, start it and get carried away. We forgive the lack of blogging it's so nice to catch up when you do post. While I've continued to post my reading and commenting has fallen by the wayside. So sorry. Hope MiL and new cat are fitting in well. I now have two as well. I love your monthly challenge, beautiful colours. It's so nice being beside the sea, I love it although I prefer it in the winter.