Sunday 6 January 2013

Invasion of The Daleks!

I don't think this one is much good at exterminating things though. Naomi modelling the Dalek skirt I made her for Christmas. Fabric is, of course, from Spoonflower.
All I did was make a tube of the dalek fabris, and two slightly longer ones out of tulle (remember to leave 6" or so open at the top for getting in and out of it), tack them together then gather them into a waistband and add poppers for fastening. easy huh?
I made a Batman one for Eloise as well but she's taken it back to Leeds and I didn't get a picture before she went.

My New Year's resolutions such as they are, are to buy more shoes make more time for stitching, crafting and reading. (It wouldn't hurt to lose a few pounds either), I aim to try and do something creative, and to spend at least a few minutes reading, each day. Lets see if it makes any difference to how much I can achieve, last year I read 27 books and finished 73 assorted stitching, knitting, sewing and/or crafting projects (not including repeats and multiples).
I know, have a guess what 2013's totals will be and at the end of the year I'll give a little prize to the person who is closest!
Anyway in the spirit of these resolutions I bought some shoes made a little pretty to fill a bare spot where the Christmas decorations have come down. Want to see?

 Here you go. Backlash from Poetic Licence
Naomi says they are my "Joker" shoes. David hates them. I am at a total loss to understand why.
Green leather.
With tweed,
and purple ric rac,
and purple satin ribbon laces.
What's not to love?

Oh, you meant you wanted to see the pretty?  The little wooden bird came completely plain, like this one for the princely sum of 69p from Trago.
I just stuck on a load of buttons (a few are vintage, but mostly newer) and bows in shades of turquoise and apricot using good old PVA. Sweet and simple, (linked up to Think Pink Sunday at Flamingo Toes) haven't decided whether to do the same with the other one or hang on and make soemthing a bit more Eastery yet.
So, anyone else made any resolutions?


Kerryp77 said...

Love the bird, looks so sweet. The shoes are amazing!!!as for the 2013 totals - 76 finishes and 34 books!

jane said...

Love the shoes! the bird hanger is very pretty too!

Katherine said...

Christine - sorry, I'm with David on the shoes. I don't HATE them, just not a big fan of the colors. Do LOVE your little birdy. And no, too many past failures, so I don't do resolutions anymore. Dalek skirt is too cute!

Emma/Itzy said...

Ohhhh shoes!! I love them! I have no idea when I would ever wear them but who cares?! lol.

I love the pretty little button bird too :)

Linda said...

You do love shoes!!
I doubt that I could wear them.
They do look like something from the Wizard of Oz.
Love your button decorated bird

Nicola said...

Your bird is so pretty. Good old Tragi it is such a treasure store.

Mouse said...

oooo where to start .... love that skirt and those converses in the last post oooo nice pretties ... your green shoe is fab too but I can't wear heels *sigh
and love your enhancement of the birdie .... gosh a guess to your creativity hmmmmmm ok 28 books and 84 finishes :) love mouse xxxxx

Elisa said...

OMG I want/need/have to have those shoes!!

viv said...

Loved a peek at your beauties.
The shoes look like great fun.

Julie said...

Pretty birdie, it would make a lovely Easter hanging with pretty spring colours.

DJH said...

I love the shoes!!
As for the craft total for 2013, I am going to guess 92 and for books I will guess 38.

Sally said...

Love the skirt and those shoes.

That bird is gorgeous. Never heard of that store but it must be pretty good.

Dani - tkdchick said...

As usual Christine so creative and I always look forward to seeing what you've made/upcycled next!!!

Mylene said...

Cute skirt and do love collecting shoes too!

So creative with the birdy, lovely!

Resolutions...? less time with facebook and more time for stitching!!!

WendyCarole said...

love the shoes

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

33 books, 83 stitching/craft projects, 4 pairs of cute shoes/boots and 12 photos of attractive daughters in amazing clothes.