Monday 19 November 2012

Spoilers Sweetie ~ Or How to Make River Song's Journal

I have no idea how my baby girl could possibly be 16 already, but 16 she was on Friday.
She is a complete Whovian (I simply can't imagine where she gets that from, can you?) so I decided to make her a journal like River's.
For those who are as sad discerning as us, and need to know how to be River, you will need:-
A small journal, preferably with a blue cover
Two sheets of Funky Foam, one blue and one navy
Double sided tape or glue
Navy blue shoe polish
A craft knife, a ruler and some kind of embossing tool (I used a knitting needle)

Using the front cover of your journal as a template cut a piece of the blue foam to fit it exactly.
From the navy foam cut 8 small squares. The size you will need will depend on the size of the journal you used, mine was an A6 journal and the squares were about 7/8", you need them the right size to fit two vertical columns of  4 squares down the front. Using your embossing tool mark an L shape in one corner of each square to give the effect of a 3D panel
Cut 8 corresponding "windows" in the cover piece (You might want to draft it out on paper first to make sure you have the spacing right). You are aiming for a nice snug fit so cut them just on the small side. As you can see I got one a bit wrong and one of my squares ended up a rectangle.
Fit the squares into the windows and emboss a long rectangle around each column of squares.
Stick the whole piece to the front of your journal. Finally rub a tiny bit of blue shoe polish on in places to distress it and make it look old.
Approach random strangers in the street, brandish the journal and ask " Where we are now?"

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cucki said...

Your daughter is very sweet and journal is very lovely too..
Big hugs cucki x

Nicola said...

You are so creative and clever with your hands.

Beautiful photo of your daughter.

Linda said...

The journal is very clever.
Oh come on, I cannot believe that she is 16. Well you know how old she was when I met her and in my mind, she simply does not grow up. I would guess that she would not want an Hello Kitty book bag now. :-D

stitchersanon said...

ooo I love Dr Who...very clever, well done!

Julie said...

A lovely picture Christine, my kids are still 3 feet tall in my minds eye!
Bet I am the only one who had to look up whovian.... Lol

Carol said...

What a perfect gift for you daughter--wishing her a most happy birthday!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great journal, very clever idea.

Your dd is so grown-up, can't believe my little boy only has 6 years until he's that age too.

Currently reading Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy to him - cue wild giggles LOL.

Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.
Well done with the journal!!!