Saturday 2 January 2010

First Finish of 2010

I finished this little New Year Ornament for Naomi today.

I found the design here . I adapted it slightly as the original design was for a biscornu and I wanted to make a hanging ornament to go with the one I made her last year, so I took design elements from the front and back of the biscornu and combined them to make this rectangular design.

It also gave me an excuse to take a photo of my roses ;)

The second photo was taken at the beach on New Years Day. It was jolly cold I can tell you!


Julie said...

Super ornament, nice roses too.

It's flippin cold here today, we woke up to some snow on the ground!

Stitcher said...

Lovely finish.

Linda said...

A very clever use of a design
Lovely roses
Beautiful seascape even if it is cold but probably not as cold as we are

Nancy said...

I love your Year of the Tiger ornament - such a cute design! Your roses are gorgeous!

Mylene said...

WOW! You are on to a very good start, Christine. I am really jealous i haven't touch a needle a while, hopefully tonight.
It is such a cute cute ornament.

Brigitte said...

Very nice ornament. And a wonderful seascape.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great ornament! You are so crative!

Thanks for sharing that freebie with us, it was a pleasure to stitch!

Daffycat said...

That is an awesome first finish, Christine! Congratulations!

Happy New Year!

Ranae said...

Super nice finish.
The ocean sure would fool me, it looks warm, lol
It's sooo cold here, it takes your breathe away

Sally said...

Very nice finish Christine.

Karan said...

Like your adaptations - bet it was well received. It may be cold but it still looks beautiful, as do your roses. :0)