Sunday 31 January 2010

Birds, and killing two with one stone...

Yesterday I took part in the RSPB's Birdwatch. My tally of birds included pied wagtails, a song thrush,bluetits,robins, and blackbirds. There were some starlings too, but they're horrible noisy greedy things so I'm not letting them on my blog! We sometimes get chaffinches, goldfinches and wrens too, but not yesterday.

As for killing two birds with one stone, don't panic my feathered friends are safe (even t
he starlings!). Its reveal da
y for the
Stitch and Stash Monthly
Challenge, for which I stitched these two birds - design adapted
from "Red Birds for Peace" by Blue Ribbon Designs - and I'm calling it my January
Ornament SAL as well.

And finally:

Its a hard life being a cat...


Dani - tkdchick said...

Christine you've done a beautiful job yet again, with that ornament!

Yup our cats have a hard life!

Ranae said...

I have thought about doing a bird count in out area that is set up by a park.
Love the pretty ornamnet

Elisa said...

fab ornie Christine....great finishing

Daffycat said...

You had some really cool birds come by!

Love the kitty picture ~ what a gorgeous cat!

Mylene said...

I LOVE your ornament! You finished it perfectly. I would like to stitch this one before but when i saw the one over one, that has put me off.

Julie said...

Cutey pic of your furface, i could send you one just the same, Midge is in the sunshine atop my chair too.

Love your version of the ornie, i do like the ric rac edge, might have to use that one myself.

Kathryn said...

Lovely finish on the Peace birds. what's it like to finish something? I wouldn't know!
There's a bird count thingy going on here too, but I'm not organised enough to participate, and our feeders need replenishing, so we're being ignored. Cats are like limp noodles sometimes, aren't they?

Karan said...

Lots of lovely visitors to your garden. Here the sparrows are like ramraiders at the feeders.... but the starlings are more like footie hooligans!
Another very lovely ornie. (I will get mine finished! LOL) One very contented cat there. :0)

Heidi said...

How fun that you participated in the bird count. We have them here in Holland too. But sadly, often it would be 0 birds here in the city. We are glad we have so many at the cottage. I love your ornament. I am quickly becoming a huge BRD fan as I stitch the sayings.

Yes, being a cat is Dagi would tell you that if you asked him. :-) What a beauty your kitty is!

Hugs ~

Susimac said...

Another lovely ornament. I love the pic of your sweet kittie