Sunday 24 March 2013

Of Dolphins, Captains and General Geekiness

Look what were playing in the surf when we went down to the beach on Wednesday! I thought they may have been orcas, but my friend who knows more about these things than I do says they are Atlantic white sided dolphins. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous.

You are probably aware that Capt. Jean-Luc Picard is one of my very favourite Captains. Definitely Number One in my All Time Top Five Captains list.
The other four are, in no particular order:-
Captains Sparrow,


and a recent newcomer to the top five here, Hook.

I digress.

I discovered a cross stitch chart for an adorable mini Jean-Luc by Black Lupin on Deviant Art, and had to stitch him right away, but what to do with him then? I thought of putting "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" underneath and making a coaster, in fact I may stitch him again and do just that, but then inspiration struck, and I added the little insignia and collar pips, some snowflakes and a caption, and made a little snowglobe ornament, backed with the fabric shown and edged in gold ric rac, because gold ric rac just screams Star Trek.
I can hang him on my increasingly geeky Christmas tree with my TARDIS, Golden Snitch, and LoKitty ornaments.
If you check the link you'll find the entire crew. Lt. Worf is particularly stinking cute, and I shall be making one of him just as soon as I learn how to write Happy Christmas in Klingon


Julie said...

I would have thought it was a killer whale on your doorstep Christine! How exciting for you.

Your little geeky guy is cute, super finish.

DebbieSFL said...

Love,love Star Trek....thanks for the link and love what you did with the ornament...!!!!

Katherine said...

Quch QISmaS!

I found it online. They also have an alphabet, but it's really weird looking. Really cute project!

cucki said...

Me love start trek too..sweetie ornament..
Big hugs x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...


Kate said...

What a fantastic stitch! I just love Jean Luc's expression! And what a treat to see dolphins. Sounds like you had an awesome week. :)

Barb said...

brilliant lol Christine.

Stitchingranny said...

How lovely to see the dolphins, I bet it made your day. Well Sparrow and Harkness (sounds like a department store) are definitely worth a 2nd and 3rd look lol.
You may never speak to me again when I tell you I have never seen Star Trek so dont know the others.

Mylene said...

With the blue water, looks like summer!!
Really cute ornament finish!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Another huge Picard fan here I love, love, love! Your "Make it snow" been doing a lot of that here!!!!

Topcho said...

Cuteness overload! I so so so love this! (so thanks for showing the links!)
P.S. Still I think I want to kidnap your cute geeky Christmas tree! XD

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend!!! Thanks for popping by my blog... I know, isn't that hydrangea something?! I had the same thought about the lilac shape but those colors knocked my socks off!
OK, now as far as Jean-Luc we are going to have to share because I adore him!!! shhh, don't let DH hear that, lol!!!
Hugs and enjoy the upcoming weekend,
Beth P

Astrids dragon said...

Ahh, Captain Harkness!!!

I LOVE way you finished Jean-Luc, he's excellent! TARDIS and Golden Snitch, my kind of geek girl!