Sunday 15 April 2012

You would think frogs would be afraid of dragons...

Apparently not.
I've had more frogs in this project than I care to think about, but it is finally finished.
Here is the Year of the Dragon "Dragon Ball Ornament"  (pattern from Yasuko at Y's Small Gallery.)
The tassel is from a box of chocolates

Recently both Debbie and Katherine have been kind enough to award me the Leibster Blog award.
Liebster is a German word meaning favorite, dearest, or beloved and the Liebster is awarded to new bloggers with less than 200 followers.
The award asks that you pass it on to five further bloggers. I am flattered and overwhelmed that anyone would think my blog was worthy of an award, but I hope neither Debbie or Katherine will be offended if I don't pass the award on in the traditional sense, as I never know who to choose or, more to the point, who to miss out. If I read or comment on your blog then I think you are a winner, so consider yourselves all nominated.
The award also asks you to reveal 5 random things people might not know about you which is a bit easier to do so here goes:-
1) I have tiny feet (size 3) and sometimes buy children's shoes to avoid the VAT
2) I adore football (soccer, not that strange rugby-like game they play in the US), I used to have a season ticket at Roker Park when I lived nearer, and I've been to matches at most of the major cities in England, plus a couple of places abroad
3) I've got a PhD in Physical Chemistry (specifically NMR Studies on Biological Macromolecules)
4) My favourite TV comedy is The Big Bang Theory. It is frighteningly accurate (see item 4 above)
5) I share a birthday with my husband. Someone once asked, on discovering that fact, "Gosh, what are the odds of that?" Ermm, 1 in 365. (Well assuming it isn't 29th Feb)
In other crafting news the girls have been busy this week making these. They call them ear cuffs. I call them Bajoran earrings because I am a geek trekkie discerning science fiction afficionado (see item 4 above again).
I'm making myself one.
Just call me Ensign Ro.


jane said...

OK then Ensign Ro! Love the Bajoran earrings!

Fiona said...

congrats on your finish, it's stunning :) Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows too & I'm also a 'discerning science fiction afficionado' ;P

Not a massive fan of the Bajorans but you gotta admire their fashion sense ;) love the earrings!

Karan said...

Lovely makes Christine... or, rather, Ensign Ro. :0) And they are definitely Bajoran earrings.
I love BBT too. :0)

Katherine said...

Too funny! I love Star Trek too. I just adored the movie that they came out with a couple years ago and can't wait for another. Challenge all to say Biological Macromolecules three times fast.

Julie said...

Super ornament, very lovely.
Nice earings too.
5 interesting facts about yourself.

Mylene said...

Great job on the ornament, love it!!
Lovely earings!!
Great to read about yourself, i do like the serie too!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...
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Kaisievic said...

Hi Christine, Just discovered your blog - came across from Jo's blog. Congrats on winning the treasure hunt.

Lovely blog,
hugs, Kaye xoxox


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your shared Birthday reminds me of this interesting fact:

No, I have nothing better to do with my time LOL.

I do love your dragon ball, was it easy to make? The earring looks great too. I have a few ear cuffs similar but they are too dangerous with the small boy around!

Barb said...

Wow that looks complicated Christine but what a finish. Hmm not sure about the earrings well I think a lady of advancing years would look a bit freaky in them lol. so I will pass.
Some interesting facts there, thanksfor sharing

Sally said...

Love the dragon Christine. I'm off to have a look at that one!

Love the earring. I'd probably end up ripping my ear off wearing it though!

Maureen said...

thank goodness the frogs stayed away long enough to get your dragon finished - what a gorgeous ornament.

Anonymous said...


I'm new to your blog.

I love your dragon ball ornament it's great!

Love the earcuffs too, they are really pretty.

Congrats on your Liebster award!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your dragon ball finish turned out great! Those earrings are so fun! I think it'd be great to have a b-day on the same day as your DH. No way he could ever "forget" and if he did, he'd be toast! I thought I was already following but I've remedied that, and I am now!

Patty C. said...

You have been busy - Cute ornament

Dani - tkdchick said...

That dragon is fantastic and I'm year of the dragon too you can sent that my way!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That dragon is fantastic and I'm year of the dragon too you can sent that my way!!!