Sunday 20 March 2011

Spring, Stash and a winner

Spring appears to have sprung!
My miniature azalea has made itself all pretty,

and the beach is getting busy again (but we found a quiet corner yesterday).

The postman brought me my order from Karen at Wasatch Needlework. Raise the Roof's "Official Crazy Cat Lady"
Have they met me?
I love this design, it has come straight in at number one on the must-stitch list! The only thing I'm not totally sure about is it lists some threads on the back as CCT. I'm thinking that must be Crescent Colours?

And finally the Dandy Dreams chart. There was quite a lot of interest so I drew a name and the winner is Sally! If you could just let me have your address Sally, I'll pop it in the post to you.


Sally said...

oooh I am SO excited!!!! Thank you so much for drawing my name Christine! I will email you now. I promise to pass it on on my blog when I'm finished stitching it :)

Lovely Spring photos. It's been rather dull up here today.

Anonymous said...

nice new stash Christine

congrats Sally, a lovely win!

Mylene said...

Your Azalea's looks lovely!

Looking forward to see progress of your new stash, great design.

Congrats Sally!

Kate said...

Lovely new stash Christine. Congrats to Sally on the chart win!

Nancy said...

Beautiful azalea and beach pictures! Enjoy stitching your Crazy Cat Lady. Happy Spring!

Karan said...

Well done Sally!
Nice new stash. Those azaleas are glorious.. & that beach just cries out to be walked on! LOL :0)

Stitcher said...

Wish I was on that beach right now. :)

DUSTY said...

goegeouus Azaleas !!! We are still having wintery weather here. boo !!! That beach sure looks inviting.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I keep longing for signs of spring! Mother nature keeps teasing us with a day or two of warm temperatures then dives us back down to -10 with a sprinkling of snow!!! I am so ready for spring!

What a CUTE pattern I'm a crazy cat lady for sure! But I do draw the line at 2

Julie said...

Beautiful azalea!

Super chart, thats going to be a fun stitch

Boo hoo... being behind on blog reading i missed entering your comp below for your fab finish chart. Congrats to Sally.

Patty C. said...

The flowers are gorgeous !!