Sunday 7 November 2010

Aaaarghh, the horror, the horror!

Two terrifying Halloween Witches...

...mostly terrifying how grown up they look 

Look at the little zombies. They are only about 2 1/2" tall. Aren't they cute?

And the vampire (Old School, no sparkles!). 

I just LOVE them

These are from the book I mentioned in an earlier post.

I'm working on a teeny little undead fairy for the Christmas tree now.


Daffycat said...

Those are hilarious stuffies, Christine!

Julie said...

Scarey, but oh so cute little characters, you are clever

The girls look fab!

Ranae said...

While the witches are beautiful those little zombies are adorable

Karan said...

The girls look great - bet you all had fun. Those zombies are soooo fun. :0)

Chris said...

Two halloeen horrors, they looked great! And those little characters are so sweet.

Sally said...

Love those zombies Christine! Can't wait to see your undead fairy!

Your girls look fantastic!

Mylene said...

Your girls looks great! And the little zombies are so cute!!