Sunday 24 October 2010

A finish, a lovely gift and a spooky book

So I finally finished the September Monthly Challenge from Stitch and Stash. Only 4 weeks late. And can I just say here and now that even though I love how it looks now its finished, I have hated very last stinking rotten stitch of it! The chart gave me migraines, two symbols were so close I couldn't distinguish them and there were so many colour changes I felt like I was stopping and starting more than I was stitching. Still its done now.
I used it to cover the lid of a small box, bravely resisting the urge to make it up into a pincushion, even though I really, really wanted to stick pins in it.
Big pins.
Big sharp pins.
Anway, enough of that. I got this lovely gift in the post from Dusty
I'd sent Dusty some overdyed thread to finish one of my designs because she'd had trouble finding it where she lived, and she sent me this in return. Isn't it beautiful? Thank you Dusty!
(Editted 26/10/10 to include address for Dusty's blog, thanks Clare)
Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the UndeadI got some other great post this week as well, I bought myself this wonderfully weird book from Amazon Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead I just love this! The little felties are so gross yet so utterly adorable, there is a classic zombie, a zombie pirate, a zombie bride, zombie vampires, bunnies, kitties and puppies and even a teeny tiny zombie undertaker with bony fingers and a top hat on top of his exposed brains (made from pink sequins). Watch this space for macabre makes from this book, the girls (ghouls?) have already given me a wish list!


Cindy's Stitching said...

what a pretty finish with migraines and all.

Katherine said...

I can SO relate to working from a chart with BAD SYMBOLOGY. In fact, I've done some recently and decided that I won't do any more from that particular designer until the symbol thing is worked out. It came out really pretty though; and you wanting to stick pins in it is just hysterical!

Linda said...

I like your box top even if the chart is the nightmare of Trecarne Gardens; the finish is very nice. I just had a feeling that your DD's would want some of the feltie zombies.

Nancy said...

Your October challenge finish is beautiful! I admire you for finishing it. If something gave me that much of a pain I don't think I could. Beautiful gift from Dusty, and I love the Zombie book! It's on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

lovely box top, even though it caused you some problems, well done for persevering
love the gift from Dusty, and the book looks fun

Sally said...

Your box top is gorgeous Christine even though stitching was a pain:)

Lovely gift from Dusty.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely work but I can appreciate what you mean about poor symbols :(

Dusty has really taken to hardanger, she made some lovely crosses for my tree. She has a blog

Karan said...

LOL & the big sharp pins. It is so very pretty though Christine. Dusty's hardanger is beautiful... would love to know how she gets the back to look as perfect as the front! Now that book looks a lot of fun - looking forward to seeing the gruesom little beggars appearing on your blog. :0)

Julie said...

Shame you hated that design so much, i wonder who chose it for the challenge LOL

Gorgeous hardanger gift from Dusty, i have a christmas ornament from her and i saw the lovely cross's that she has done for Clare's tree at the meet up, her hardanger is so neat (on both sides!)

Mylene said...

It turn's out lovely, sorry though it has given you pain while stitching the design..

A beautiful gift received from Dusty!

Brigitte said...

Very beautiful stitching and a very creative finishing. It turns out great on the box top. IsN't it a pity that some charts are so badly printed that you have to take magnifying glasses to be able to identify symbols?