Thursday 11 October 2007

Tea Cosy Finished!

I know I said I wanted a tea themed fabric, but I couldn't find one in the right colours and then I saw this sprigged print and it just looked right. It only used 1FQ as well (plus 1FQ in a plain cotton and some wadding and muslin for the lining), with enough left over to back a couple of pinkeeps. And it keeps the tea lovely and toasty too ;)

If you want to find the design click on the link for The Sampler Girl in the side bar.


Julie said...

perfect!! i love it

Karan said...

It is so pretty and looks great Christine. Not sure I could bear to use it though - tea stains can be a beggar to get out!

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Christine, I cant see the picture and would so love to look at it as loved the little design when you stitched it.

btw think I saw your daughter at the back of the classroom in DM this week.

Christine said...

Hi Helen,

Picture is showing on my computer, if you still can't see it let me know and I'll email it to you.

Yes, that was Naomi at the back of the classroom scene.

Don't know if we'll see them again, they did shoot some playground stuff, but I don't know if they'll use it

Anonymous said...

Your tea cosy is so pretty. I just had to comment. I am sure it will keep your tea warm . I was so mad at myself the other day when I had a neighbor over and within 5 minutes of pouring the hot water into my fancy looking English tea pot- the tea was cold!.I think I will have to make a tea cosy. Let me know if it does its job and keeps the tea warm for you. Blessings, Rose

Christine said...

Hi Rose

It is very effective.
The basic construction is outer shell, layer of wadding, layer of muslin for front and back, stitched together (right sides togetehr round curved edge and turned right sides out, same shape made from lining, put one inside the other, stitch almost all the way around the openibng edge, turn through the gap and slip stitch closed..